Arisaka Defense EX IR Light

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Arisaka Defense EX IR 250 Light

The Arisaka EX IR 250 Light is an illumination package consisting of the Arisaka 300 Series Light Body, and a Malkoff Devices EX IR 250 Scout head. Choose a tailcap and simply add an aftermarket Scout mount of your choice for a complete infrared lighting solution.

The EX IR 250 Scout head outputs light in the 850nm infrared spectrum. It has a very focused beam with minimal spill, making for an excellent infrared illuminator which easily surpasses the performance of any civilian powered IR laser/illuminator. Continuous run time is 4 hours on one CR123.

The 4.5 degree beam angle and 250mW output produces a beam that is similar in intensity to the MAWL C1+ long range illuminator, but covers approximately twice the area. This makes for a very usable illuminator from close range to several hundred meters, without being too powerful as to wash out your laser pointer or cause your image intensifier to bloom or gate down.

Included is the low profile 300 Series Light Body for an unobstructed, close fit when using an Arisaka Inline, Offset, or Side Scout Mount, along with your choice of tailcap:

  • Arisaka Momentary - eliminates accidental constant activation under stress
  • Surefire Z68 clicky
  • Surefire UE socketed tailcap - for use with remote switches
  • Surefire DS socketed tailcap - has both a remote switch port and clicky switch
  • No tailcap - in the event you already have a tailcap to use

The EX IR Light will fit in almost any aftermarket Scout mount, as it retains the mounting holes and square lug interface on the underside of the light body.

Please note: this light is infrared only. It is only visible with the use of image intensifier devices.

Wavelength: 850nm
Beam angle: 4.5 degrees
Output: 250mW (for comparison the Surefire KM2 is 120mW)
Weight: 3.5 oz
Length: 3.125"
Diameter: 1.23" at the head
Input voltage: 2 to 6 volts

Power source: one CR123, two CR123, or one16650 lithium ion rechargeable cell. 

The light body, Arisaka momentary tailcap, and head are CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and MIL-A-8625 Type III hard coat anodized. High quality Buna-N O-rings and CR123 battery are included. Made in the USA.