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ATS War Belt

The ATS War Belt offers a fresh perspective on the padded first line belt. Long gone are the days of an old LC-1 belt with a cobbled together padded backing. The ATS War Belt is a padded cover that is designed to slip over an existing belt system up to 2" in width. It offers full length 1/4" high-density, closed cell foam padding for comfort with three stacked rows of MOLLE compatible webbing on the outer cover. The outer cover is opened along the bottom allowing access to the duty belt within (belt not included). This allows the user to hang pouches, holsters, and drop-leg hangers that are not MOLLE compatible off the inner belt. The padded belt is sized to work with our ATS Rigger's Belt (Large with Large, etc.). The padded belt also has four loops along the top to add an optional set of suspenders. As with all our products the ATS padded War Belt is made in the USA and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

M (30-34), L (34-38), XL (38-42)

Proper sizing for the War Belt will have each end of the War Belt ending just in front of your hip bones. The overall, end to end length measurements are Med: 34 inches, Large: 38 ½ inches, Extra Large: 43 inches.

Three helpful hints for the War Belt: first, a side release buckle inner belt is easier to get on and off. Second, if the belt you're going to use is lined with Velcro, get yourself some shims made of cardboard or magazine covers (the heavy glossy paper works great) and cover the Velcro inside until you get the belt where you want it. Then just pull out the shims, give the belt a smoothing push to seat the Velcro, and viola, perfect belt insert job. Third, before you put the belt in, make sure any hanger you want on it, like a Safariland UBL or other such part, is already on the belt before you Velcro that belt in.


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    Exactly what you need and nothing superfluous

    Posted by Disgruntled Dave on 13th Mar 2019

    First and foremost... Made by Patriots in America. Second, cost effective once Uncle Sam isn't footing the bill anymore. Third, exactly what is necessary. There may be better whiz bang something or other on some other belts, but I cannot imagine what you would need them for. I am a small guy, around a 31-32 inch waist and the medium is a perfect setup. Using either an old Uncle Mike's duty belt or the old riggers belt from the sandbox has the ends around four inches from each other. I know the cool thing is the Cobra buckle, but I have found a standard rigger to be ideal for changing seasons and different levels of snivel gear. It may not have the "cool guy factor" but it is ideal for me. Did I mention that it's made in Kentucky??? Seriously no need to spend more unless you just have to. Or, your wallet is too heavy. Quality is exactly as I expected it. Kentucky proud

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    Excellent choice!

    Posted by Drake Johnson on 15th Feb 2019

    This belt is much more budget friendly with the same quality as other belts. This product shipped fast and on time. After using the product in the field it's durable, lightweight, and didn't nterfere with my IOTV. Great belt at a great price.

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    Love this belt!

    Posted by Hidrag Lowspeed on 3rd Oct 2017

    This is the 2nd ATS War Belt I've bought. Had to buy the bigger one this time around because my mirror tells me I'm slimmer than I really am. :-( Solid belt when paired with a good inner belt. SKD serves up a boneriffic product once again!

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    Worth the money and then some

    Posted by HSLD on 10th Jun 2017

    The ATS War Belt is a great piece of gear. Paced but not too much, well stitched, and accurately sized. The bottom edge is sewn closed in a couple of places which allows multiple drop-leg attachments if desired.

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    Lightweight and versatile

    Posted by BTR on 20th May 2017

    My usual battle belt of choice is HSGI. This belt is lighter and relies on inner belt rigidity to keep its shape as there is no plastic stiffener. Its vertically substantial enough to not bend/fold. I find this one more immediately comfortable but haven't yet used it in training or extended wear. I expect it to stay in place allowing for minor adjustments when needed. Install the widest belt you're able to get. I bought the Large sized belt. I have a 34" waist which leaves a 2" gap in between the ends. If you need the extraction loop of a riggers belt exposed, one size down will do. My first choice of battle belt is still the HSGI but this belt is an excellent lower cost, lightweight alternative and because it has a more compact footprint it will live in my war bag for emergencies. PROS: -Lightweight -Compact -Easy setup -Quality build -Ranger Green available -Best value in an inexpensive battle belt CONS: -I have to think hard to find one.

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    ATS War Belt

    Posted by Eric Zuniga on 11th May 2017

    It's a solid belt for that price point!

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    Ats war belt

    Posted by AliasSLH on 17th Jan 2017

    I was looking for options for a 1st line and I was thinking of using items like the first spear missing link with my molle pouches but by the time I bought enough of them to hold my gear I would of spent more than just buying the ats sleeve. I was wanting a reduced bulk 1st line. The ats sleeve is super high value but I wish there was a way to close the bottom of the sleeve. I don't plan on running sub loads but the option for a short strip of velcro across the bottom would be great for ease of inserting the inner belt. Over all I'm very pleased with the first line I setup, I have a 44ish hip/waist line and I used a FS XL AGB with a large ats sleeve. The molle starts at just in front of my hip bones, I went this way because I don't want excess material to bunch up in front of the buckle. I'd buy again if needed, in er belt is a FS AGB.

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    ATS War belt

    Posted by TJ on 9th Dec 2016

    Real pleased with product and service. Thanks, will be buying more.

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    Posted by Steve on 31st Aug 2016

    Great product description , fast shipping. I really appreciate the info on if the item is in stock or not, no guess work or wondering if the product is in stock. Will definitely shop here again and will recommend to friends