BattleComp 2.1 Black

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BattleComp 2.1 Black

The BattleComp 2.1 is made from heat treated stainless steel bar stock with a black MELONITE finish, the BC2.1 fits all barrels with 1/2 x 28 RH standard threads.

The BC2.1 is approximately 1.75″ long and weighs just 1.7 ounces. Compatible with the GemTech HALO and the AAC Omni. INCLUDING THOSE MODELS UTILIZING THE “BFA” GROOVE FOR THE LOCK-UP.

Specifically designed for 5.56 NATO and .223 Rem ammunition.

Shim kit included for optimized concentricity.
Professional installation by competent gunsmith using Rocksett required for those using sound suppressors.

5.56 Battlecomp A2-style suppressor adapter


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    Best ever

    Posted by Gong on 28th Sep 2014

    Never had anything like this before. I did the "as-fast-as-I-can-pull-the-trigger" with six rounds, first to last sixth shot was .60 sec at 10 yard, the group was around 5 inch. Amazing!

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    Battle Comp 2.0

    Posted by Paul Gonzales on 25th Jun 2014

    Looks great on my LWRC 10.5 inch SBR. Sound is the same as the A2. Felt recoil is less than A2 and was able to provide 3 inch grouping at 100 yards firing 3-5 fast bench rest shots with red dot. The A2 only provided 5-6 inch groupings on the bench rest with same 3-5 fast shots. Also, I did not have to continually reset my aim on the bench rest as with the A2 because it moved so much after each shot when firing slow. I would recommend anyone that wants real gear for the AR platform to get this product. Thanks SKD

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    great product

    Posted by Daniel Paulson on 28th Mar 2014

    Came with everything needed to mount properly. Looks great works great. One tip for anyone getting one i used 2 of the number 2 shims and it twisted hand tight about 45 degrees off center and used a wrench with a paper towel wrapper around the battle comp so it wouldn't scratch the finish to snugg it perfectly square. No rattle at all and hasn't loosened for over 300 rounds. Battle comp recommends not tightening over 25 pounds worth of tourqe.

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    Nothing beats a battlecomp

    Posted by klinton on 17th Jan 2014

    Had a BCM Comp, wasn't overly impressed with it. Bought the Battlecomp because it was a great price during a sale. I should have never wasted my money on the BCM in the first place. Battlecomp is the best I have ever used. Great recoil mitigation and the impulse from shooting is ridiculously softened. If you are deciding which to go with, by once and get what you really want, the one that works the best, by the Battlecomp.

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    Battle Comp 2.0 Compensator

    Posted by Rich Johnson on 8th Dec 2013

    I reluctantly spent the money on the Battle Comp 2.0 Compensator after several other guys put them on their AR’s and said they were great. SKD had a special on them so I bought it. It was easy to install and the fit and finish is excellent. I was very impressed with its function and it is far superior to the original A2 that came on my rifle. It does increase the decibel level when you shoot and would not be advisable to shoot very often without hearing protection. It almost eliminates muzzle flip and converts it to a gentle push straight back. Excellent product and well worth the money.

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    Nice comp

    Posted by Jeff Russo on 20th Sep 2013

    I was pleasantly surprised how much of a difference it made.

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    2.0 love it

    Posted by Oliver Fuller on 15th Jul 2013

    First off you don't need a gunsmith used original crush washer had installed in 5 min. Fired 30 round clip all shots in middle of chest no rise in barrel dead on .

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    Purchase of compensator

    Posted by Lloyd Pratt on 1st Jul 2013

    The BattleComp 2.0 is perfect! The price was good and the delivery was quick!

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    Amazing Compensator

    Posted by J on 7th May 2013

    I would like to thank SKD for their amazing fast shipping and customer service!!! I received the part in 2 days!!! When i opened the item tho, I was missing the washer set to attach the compensator on my rifle. I emailed SKD and they promptly answered my email and worked on a solution that day. Even tho Im still waiting for BattleComp to send me the washers I went out and bought some of my own. The DIFFERENCE is day an night, yes it does push down and it will feel awkward at first but when you get used to it.. SIMPLY AMAZING!!! I will be putting this on all of my rifles soon. Currently its on a Sig 516