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Limited Edition
PIG Brig + Level IV Armor Package from Patrol Incident Gear, SKD Tactical and Protective Products Enterprises (PPE)

  • 100% plate and plate carrier compatibility in this All-In-One kit

  • Level III/IV ICW 10x12” front shooter cut plate (6.2 lbs)

  • Level IV ICW 10x12” back armor protection (5.8 lbs)

  • Original $900 package price

  • Compatible with all PIG Brig [SYSTEMA] accessories

  • PPE full 5-year warranty on armor plates


No Confusion, No Questions

Point Blank (parent company of PPE) is the name in plate armor when it comes to reliability and quality, which is why we worked with them to produce this Limited Edition package deal.


One of the most frequently asked questions we get is around armor compatibility. With all of the different plate carrier systems and armor out there in the marketplace, it’s a challenge to know what plates are compatible with what plate carrier. With this package, you don’t need to worry about throwing money away on ill-fitting plates.


Full Protection at a Reduced Price


Building up your own armor package can get to be expensive. Whether you need protection for the job or for the home, armor is not something you want to save money on at the cost of quality.


Normally, this whole package would set you back $900, which is a savings of almost half off of MSRP.


Additional Details


This package is designed to be worn over a Level IIIA soft armor vest to meet its intended threshold. The front and rear plates were manufactured in 2013 and 2008 respectively but are warrantied by Point Blank for 5 years from date of purchase.


All PIG Brig [SYSTEMA] accessories, like the PIG Brig shoulder pads and PIG Brig Chest Rigs, will fit this package and can be ordered separately.