*DEMO* SKD Bag of Dicks

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Heavily used, but all products have been cleaned thoroughly to SKD quality standards. Completely functional and 100% A-OK for use. We strongly recommend cleaning with warm water, bleach solution and either a turpentine or alcohol based solvent upon receipt of goods. Due to a surprisingly high demand for used adult toys from our Japanese customers, the price on this Demo BoD is set at a premium of $699.95.

A note to our international Japanese customers: please use responsibly for all your happy fun magic boom-boom time.あなたのセックスビジネスをありがとう

**This product may be technically considered dangerous biohazardous material within certain US counties, Please check with your local CDC before purchase.**

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  • 5
    excellent less than lethal option...

    Posted by JC on 7th Oct 2015

    Had reservations regarding this type of products effectiveness to disperse hostal crowd's... Tossed a couple into a mob & Boom!! Instant ghost town.... Will buy again, Thanks SKD !!

  • 5
    Best bag of dicks ever!

    Posted by Dangoodshot on 7th Oct 2015

    I've cum across my fair share of dick bags and been let down, butt this is the big bag of dicks I've been looking for! Blue, red, purple, double ended and let's not forget the big black behemoth! They were all there! This bag of dicks will NOT disappoint. What are you waiting for?? Stop reading, buy it and jump into your new used bad of dicks!

  • 5
    Does Not Disappoint

    Posted by John on 7th Oct 2015

    I'll admit, I was a little concerned about purchasing a Demo product, but a Bag of Dicks at this price was way too good to pass up. When the Bag of Dicks arrived I instantly knew my purchase paid off: the Dicks were still covered in a light film of cosmoline and looked like they just came out of the Romanian sex-bunker they were found in - not used at all. The head was a little canted to the left but a vice and hammer fixed that - I prefer my Dicks straight and not angled, but personal preference. My next step is to purchase a sight and laser for my Dicks and I'll be ready for the field. A+ purchase! Thanks, SKD!

  • 4
    SKD Bag of Dicks Demo

    Posted by Mike on 7th Oct 2015

    I bought one of these off of Ebay from a different company for cheap because it seemed too good to be true at such a price. I was quick to jump on the deal. Nope. Somebody mailed me a box full of donkey shit. No literally, a box of donkey shit. Next time I'll stick to the real deal. SKD all day. 'Merica

  • 4
    high quality

    Posted by daniel jacques on 3rd Apr 2015

    ive been in the used sex toy industry for over twenty years and this is by far the best deal ive ever found for quality pre owned dildos. the only real grip i have is that the bag was completely soaked with lubricant and lets say "love debris" but at least it gives the dicks that pleasent aroma of a night well spent. A++ would buy again