Emdom-MM Dump Pouch

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Emdom-MM Dump Pouch

The Emdom-MM Dump Pouch is another collaborative effort between Emdom USA and MM from www.militarymorons.com. It is an innovative, medium sized, drop hip, expandable, non-foldable dump pouch. The Emdom-MM Dump Pouch is made of mil-spec 1000 D Cordura nylon ---- a nylon fabric that is light-weight, yet can provide sufficient stiffness and resistance to abrasion and water.

A spent mag dump pouch has one contradictory requirement: you want a non-obstructed opening for fast dumping, yet you want to keep the contents from falling out when moving. The challenge of the design is to provide a balance between these two factors. To achieve the goal, Emdom-MM started from MM’s basic design, repeatedly tested and revised each prototype until satisfied with the end result.

A non-obstructed opening that stays open: The Emdom-MM Dump Pouch has a large, stiffened / structured rounded-rectangular opening for easy dumping of mags. There is no shock cord, or overlapping elastic obstructing the opening. Dumping spent mags is completely straight-forward with no elastic opening or flap to contend with. Also, the opening is set 3" below the mounting panel to clear the bottom of a body armor / vest, facilitating hip position dumping.

To reduce swinging and sagging of the pouch when loaded, the rear of the pouch is supported by an 8" tall HDPE stiffened panel. The first 3" of the back of the stiffened panel is the short Malice Clip webbing Matrix, for mounting to MALICE / PALS / ALICE system or duty belt up to 3" wide. The bottom 5" of the stiffened panel extends down, forming the backbone of the pouch. This design reduces, side-to-side swinging, and bouncing of the pouch during movement. The stiffened panel does not get in the way when sitting as it is flexible and doesn't extend below your butt level.

Expandable storage space: The Emdom-MM dump pouch is 7" wide, 3" deep, and 9" tall. Emdom-MM found anything smaller was just too small, and a larger one is heavy, and could swing a lot when loaded. The Emdom-MM dump pouch fits both AK and M4 mags, with or without ranger plates / rubber Magpuls. By placing the mags vertically, side by side, the pouch can hold six AK mags and seven M4 mags. However, under actual use, the mags are placed randomly and take up more space than when neatly inserted. Therefore, Emdom-MM added two special vertical expansion pleats into the pouch body for expansion. The additional storage space also helps to accommodate bulky or odd shaped items. Importantly, additional storage space is gained, without increasing the size of the opening or the height of the pouch. Lastly, there is a drainage grommet at the bottom for maritime operations.

Retain the contents during movement: The Emdom-MM Dump Pouch features an innovative detachable half cover. In a series of experiments, Emdom-MM found that most objects are shaken / fallen out from the outside half of the opening (the side away from user's body). It is because during movement, objects in the dump pouch are bouncing around a pivot (the attach point of the pouch). Objects that are far away from the pivot are more likely to be bounced out from the pouch. By creating a cover and placing it over the outside half of the opening keeps the contents in the pouch. Upon further experiments with different cover sizes, Emdom-MM found that half coverage provided the best balance between security and easy access for both insertion and extraction by hand. The half cover is detachable; it is securely Velcroed at the opening by 4 straps of Velcro. For additional security on the inside half of the opening, Emdom-MM made a protruding inner lip located 3" below the pouch opening to discourage items from bouncing out, or sliding out when in the prone position.

For user who wants to close the pouch more completely, there is a heavy duty snap closure located at the outside rim of the pouch opening. The snap compresses the opening at the middle and essentially closes it. A long pull tag is provided for easy un-snapping by a single gloved hand.

Field report: Over the past six months, MM has used the pouch on duty belts / Crye blast belt, and rigs in various drills involving running, kneeling, and different shooting positions, and has not had any items fall out. The pouch does bounce vertically when full during running (which is reduced by the stiffness of the material), but the side to side swing was significantly reduced because of the stiffened panel. Operation is extremely easy and straight forward as there is no obstruction at the opening: Hold the mag, place it at the stiffened panel, and just let it drop into the pouch. The drop hip design requires no over-flexion of the elbow and over-extension of the shoulder, facilitating fast dumping and allows the user’s hand to get back to the shooting position faster. The snap closure works well with gloves. Emdom and MM are very happy with the dump pouch, and hope that it will serves our customers well.

Requires two short MALICE clips (not included)

  • Innovative non-folding dump pouch, PALS belt and web belt compatible.
  • Constructed of 1000 Denier mil-spec Cordura nylon. Light weight yet provides sufficient protection to the contents, and stiffness to prevent twisting / collapsing.
  • Medium size: 7" wide x 3" deep, x 9" tall. Weight: 6.6 oz.
  • Drop hip design. Opening is set below beltline to clear body armor, or tactical vest, facilitating easier access.
  • HDPE stiffened rounded/rectangular opening. Always stays open for fast access without sag.
  • HDPE stiffened back panel (8" tall). The backbone of the pouch, supporting the opening from sagging, and significantly reduces bouncing and side swing during movements.
  • Innovative half cover (detachable) covers the outside half of the opening, limiting contents falling out.
  • Internal lip reduces contents coming out from the inside half of the opening.
  • Storage Capacity: fits six AK mags / seven M4 mags; with ranger plates / rubber MagPul. A perfect balance with regard to storage capacity, weight, and the degree of swing / bouncing caused during movement.
  • Dual vertical expansion pleats at the pouch body for further size expansion, perfect for larger or odd shaped objects.
  • Heavy duty snap closure at the opening for closing the pouch. Long pull tag for easy un-snapping with one hand.
  • Drainage grommet at the bottom for maritime ops.
  • Color: Multicam, ACU, Black, Sewer Green, Coyoteish, Black, SDU Grey.
  • Two short MALICE Clips (not included), fit MALICE / PALS / ALICE system, or 2" to 3" wide web belts.
  • Click here to see MM's dump pouch write up at www.militarymorons.com.
  • Imported.


  • 5

    Posted by Christopher Maniquiz on 3rd Apr 2015

    I used this for a shooting competition last weekend and it was very useful. Keeps magazines well contained and even used it to hold my water bottle.

  • 5
    Highly recommended...

    Posted by D Scouten on 28th Sep 2014

    Great quality along with unique design features. It's the perfect size.

  • 5
    great pouch

    Posted by CHAOFU LEE on 4th Aug 2014

    ship on time and fast and this is the best pouch i ever use

  • 5
    Exactly what it needs to be.

    Posted by Rutabaga Jones on 2nd Jun 2014

    First time I ever ran a dump pouch. Worked great, held up, price was right.

  • 5
    five stars

    Posted by d hiro on 2nd May 2014

    So far so good. Exactly what I was looking for. Great design.

  • 4
    emdom mm dump pouch

    Posted by Case on 26th Mar 2014

    This stuff is typical of the MM/emdom collaborations: overbuilt and well designed. You can tell it was designed by someone who used these types of things and got tired of not being able to fit a mag, or tired of having empties fall out when you're running around training (not a big deal but if a solution exists then why not use it?). I recommend the product and would buy it again. 4 stars because it's not made in the USA.

  • 4

    Posted by JRodriguez on 12th Feb 2014

    Have not used it yet, but I know the Malice clips will be a bitch and a half to attach to the PALS. Just running them through the PALS webbing on the back of the dump pouch was a very close and impossibly tight fit. May have to forgo using 3 rows of PALS and stick to 2. Other than that, the bag feels of good quality and should take the abuse I plan to put on it

  • 5
    Outstanding dump...misleading info.

    Posted by Joey Jingles on 21st Dec 2013

    I decided to upgrade my dump pouch to this Emdom because of its design and it is truly a great addition. I was irked though when it arrived without any way of mounting and using it. Who sells like that ? I went to the zoom prompt for the pictures and picture #5 clearly states "short malice clips included" . Now I have to order a second time and wait before I can use the product I purchased ! The pouch itself appears well made and I can't wait to get everything to use it .

  • 5
    Tired of losing mag's?

    Posted by Baldwin on 7th Sep 2013

    My second EMDOM-MM dump pouch. Needed a different color. The most well thought out dump pouch out there. The flap across the mouth is the secret to it's usability. Super easy to access and nothing falls out. Holds a ton of mag's. Rugged as hell. If you ain't got one, you ain't moto.