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Emdom-MM GPS Pouch

The Emdom-MM GPS Pouch is another collaboration between Emdom USA, and MM from militarymorons.com. The pouch is specially designed for the Garmin GPSMAP 60 series (model 60, 60CS, 60CSx) which is 5.25" tall x 2.25" wide x 1.5" deep, plus another 1.5" tall antenna). The pouch will also fit similar or smaller sized GPS units (e.g. Oregon and Colorado GPS series), and other electronics (e.g. i-phone or compact cameras).

The design goals were as follows: Operate the GPS unit without having it removed from the pouch. Once mounted, the pouch can be left open with the GPS unit on for on the go reference without having to hold the GPS in the hand. Full security of the GPS unit when the pouch is opened; and easy removal of the unit when needed. Compact storage pouch with protection against frontal impact, abrasion, weather conditions, and scratches. Capability of mounting on shoulder straps, PALS, or web belts. Flexible outlet for antenna, cable or headphone.

The Emdom-MM GPS pouch adopts a clam-shell design, and has a double zippered opening on three sides of the pouch. The front panel opens out and down, and is designed to hold the GPS unit horizontally. There are two paracords inside the pouch which the cord length controls the degree of the opening (see pictures). The cord ends go through two small eyelets at the top of the pouch and the knot can be retied to adjust the cord length.

The GPS pouch is constructed of mil-spec 1000 Denier Cordura nylon which is water and abrasion resistant. There are built-in 1.2mm stiffened HDPE plastic sheets and EVA foam at the front and back panel to resist and spread impact or bumps. The rigidity of HDPE plastic sheet also maintains the shape of the pocket in the pouch-open position, reducing the chances of accidental fallout from the panel folding over. The interior of the front panel is lined with loop Velcro to secure the retaining sleeve, and offers protection from scratches.

Each GPS pouch comes with a specially designed retaining sleeve for the Garmin GPSMAP 60 series. The sleeve has a clear screen (2.5" tall x 2.25" wide) at the front, elastic straps at sides, and hook Velcro at the back which secures to the loop Velcro surface inside the interior front panel. The clear screen of the sleeve provides protection to the GPS screen, and still allows touch-screens to function. Since the retaining sleeve is elastic, it will fit other electronics of similar dimensions. The user can also position the sleeve anywhere on the loop Velcro surface of interior front panel, near the top or bottom, as per his preference.

At the top of the GPS pouch is the antenna opening, which is constructed by overlapping elastic. It also functions as the outlet for headphones or cables. At the bottom of the pouch is the drainage grommet for maritime ops.

The GPS pouch is PALS / MALICE / ALICE system compatible. It accepts both long and short MALICE clips (not included), is ready to be installed on PALS or web belt up to 3" wide. There are two additional Velcro straps at the back of the pouch for shoulder strap mounting on a backpack.

When the pouch is open and the GPS unit is on and secured by the sleeve, users can operate the unit without taking it out from the pouch. After finishing the GPS set up, he can regularly glance or refer to the GPS unit without having to hold it in his hand, leaving his hand free for other tasks. The GPS unit can be taken out from the pouch anytime with the sleeve installed, and the pouch can be closed when the GPS is no longer needed.

Other usage and tips: Although primarily designed for the Garmin GPS unit, the GPS pouch actually fits many other types of electronics, like compact cameras and the i-phone. However, the Garmin retaining sleeve may not perfectly fit for these electronics. A piece of adhesive hook Velcro can be stuck on the back of the electronic device to directly Velcro it inside the pouch without using the sleeve. If no sleeve or Velcro is used, the pouch opening angle can be made smaller (less than 70 degrees). The rigidity of the pouch (clam-shell shaped) and the paracord (at both sides) will still retain the item pretty well.

  • Storage pouch designed for Garmin GPSMAP 60 series, or similar sized GPS units and electronics (e.g. i-phone, cameras).
  • Constructed of 1000 Denier Mil-spec Cordura Nylon, water and abrasion resistant.
  • Internal front and back 1.2mm HDPE plastic sheet and EVA foam protects the contents from impact, and maintains the shape of the pouch when opened, preventing fall outs.
  • Compact size ( 5.25" L x 2.25" W x 1.5" D), light weighted ( 3.8 oz).
  • PALS / MALICE/ ALICE compatible. Accepts both long and short MALICE clips.
  • Capable of vertical mounting on shoulder straps or web belt up to 3Ó wide.
  • Double zippered storage compartment, allows zipping directions for both right and left handed users.
  • Clam-shell pouch design, opens out and down horizontally. Adjustable opening angle by two paracords inside.
  • Hook Velcro backed retaining sleeve secures the GPS unit inside the pouch when the pouch is opened. Clear plastic window protects GPS screen and allows touch screens to function.
  • User can operate the GPS unit without taking it out from the pouch.
  • Pouch can be left open with the GPS unit on for regularly glancing at without holding the unit, leaving both hands free for other tasks.
  • GPS unit can be taken out anytime with the retaining sleeve installed.
  • Elastic antenna outlet at the top for antenna, cable, and headphone.
  • Bottom grommet for maritime ops.
  • Backed by Emdom's lifetime warranty.
  • Imported.


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    GPS Pouch

    Posted by Anon on 13th Apr 2021

    This pouch was ordered for to hold my Garmin GPSMAPS 66i. It fits perfectly, sat antenna peeks out the top as it is supposed to. Some kind of hand materials inserted to protect your device which is excellent. Unzips and enables you to look down at device hands free as designed and it appears to be nice and secure. Products doesn't come with straps to attach your PALS or molle webbing. So order some of those too! Decent product for sure.

  • 2

    Posted by Unknown on 7th Jul 2018

    I have this pouch. The concept is great however, the Garmin 60/62/64 series lacks a keypad lock, and while the GPS is in the pouch buttons are always being pushed on the GPS. I am not sure how to skin this cat besides possibly making the pouch a little bigger and having some kind of kydex cradle inside the pouch to keep the buttons from being pushed. Of course, this is all because Garmin refuses to put a keypad lock on the device, which is enough reason to get a different GPS.

  • 5
    Good fit

    Posted by Ben K. on 13th Oct 2017

    Fits great.

  • 5
    Perfect gear for backpacking

    Posted by Likenhiken on 13th Aug 2017

    Love the way this pouch attaches to a backpack strap, instead of the hipbelt, as most manufacturers now think it necessary to install permanent little, practically useless, pouches to them. Now, I have easy access to my GPS unit! And, with the innovative flip down cover that opens with the unit attached, you can seek a quick peek at the screen without even pulling the unit out!

  • 5
    Emdom-MM GPS Pouch Purchase experience

    Posted by NW Outdoors on 30th Jul 2017

    Had no problems at all in my purchase with SKD Tactical. Quick and efficient in all communications including shipping tracking. I will be purchasing from them again.

  • 5
    Great gps pouch

    Posted by Berto on 15th Mar 2017

    I bought this pouch for my garmin 62s and it works perfectly. I can also fit my iPhone SE, it's not too big or bulky I wear it on my REI 25L backpack. I think is great that it has two paracords inside the pouch so when you open it, the gps or phone will stay in place. Thanks to this feature I don't need to take the device out of the pouch. I recommend this product it is very useful.

  • 5
    Emdom-MM GPS Pouch Review - Exceptional

    Posted by Jonathan M on 21st Dec 2016

    Excellent finish, quality, design & function. Not much more to say other than an exceptional product.

  • 5
    Medical Kit

    Posted by Jim H on 21st Dec 2015

    I am very satisfied with my order. As a retired U.S. Army medic and Dustoff Pilot, I appreciate good gear.

  • 5
    Best GPS pouch ever

    Posted by David M Jr on 5th Nov 2015

    This is by far the neatest GPS pouch I've every used. You buy this and will not be disappointed. Great features