Emdom Vehicle Hydration Carrier

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Emdom Vehicle Hydration Carrier

by Sean
Emdom Vehicle Hydration Carrier - When I found out we were going to carry Emdom Gear, I insisted we get this hydration carrier. It's short (in length) so it doesn't hang below your armor (Perfect for the PIG Plate Carrier). This allows you to properly engage the kidney pad on your ruck! I hate humping a ruck for miles and not being able to properly seat my ruck, it really wears on you by mile 12, by mile 18 you want to punch somebody in the face. This hydration carrier lets you have the benefits of having a hydration carrier attached to your armor, without the hassle plus it's very roomy. Plenty of room for extra gear despite its small size. It has several low profile pockets, velcro panels in the inside and outside, and a small mesh pocket for malaria pills or water purification tablets. It also has an elastic band inside to hold your hydration carrier in place snugly. I really love this carrier, probably the pinnacle of MOLLE hydration carriers.

The Emdom Vehicle Hydration Carrier is a shorter, wider version of Emdom's standard H2O hydration carrier. It fits a standard 70 oz wide reservoir. It is specially designed for vehicle drivers and operators who prefer a shorter hydration carrier. Being shorter and wider, the bottom of the vehicle hydration carrier does not touch the seat in sitting. It eliminates the problem with the armor being pushed up when seated due to the hydration carrier. Besides, a shorter hydration carrier allows operators to carry a bigger fanny pack or other gear at the center of the back at the waist.

Like our standard H2O hydration carrier, the vehicle hydration carrier can be mounted directly to any MALICE clip compatible platform (vests / armor / load bearing equipment); or be used as a stand-alone hydration system after installing a pair of removable shoulder straps (sold separately); perfect as a small hydration pack for day to day use. The vehicle hydration carrier is constructed of 1000 Denier Cordura nylon, features low infrared reflective [IRR] buckles, Mil-spec webbing, zippers, and materials that provide an edge on the battlefield and during night ops.

The vehicle hydration carrier features full coverage of color / camo matched MALICE webbing on the front and sides for attachment of other modular pouches. It has a reservoir compartment and a front accessory pocket with two zippered openings (top and bottom) for easy access to long and short items inside. Long items such as antenna or a spare reservoir can be accessed through the top zipper opening. Small items located at the bottom of the pocket are easily accessed through the lower zipper opening, halfway down.

The reservoir compartment has a double zipper opening protected by a rain flap. The zipper ends feature double snap security to prevent accidental opening. At the top of the carrier is the elastic-covered hydration port, large enough to fit any mouth piece without having to take it apart. Inside the reservoir compartment is a mesh reservoir pocket with 4" wide elastic compression strap for maximum security and compression, a paracord reservoir hang loop for better weight distribution, a mesh zipper pocket (5" x 5") for hydration accessories (connectors, cleaning tablets and spare bite valve), and a loop Velcro panel (4" x 4") behind the zipper pocket for extra patches and IFF tape storage.

At the front of the carrier is a 5.5" x 3" MALICE loop Velcro panel for attachment of unit/identification patches or other MALICE pouches. There are four front webbing loops (attach points) for extra tie downs, or to secure the carrier to other load bearing systems or rucks.

At the back of the carrier is the MALICE clip matrix. The carrier requires three long and three short MALICE clips (not included), offering extremely secure mounting to any MALICE / PALS / ALICE platform. For stand-alone carry, there are four attachment points at the rear for shoulder strap installation (see below for details). Backed with Emdom's lifetime warranty.

Hydration reservoir and the low profile H2O shoulder strap system are not included.

  • Two compartment hydration carrier. Size: 13" x 7" x 3". Weight: 16 oz. Fit 70 oz reservoir. Shorter and wider version of our standard H20 carrier.
  • Specially designed for Vehicle drivers, eliminating the problem with the armor being pushed up when seated due to the hydration carrier.
  • Specially designed operators who want a shorter carrier. Operators can carry a bigger fanny pack or other gear at the center of the back at the waist.
  • Mil-spec material & Lifetime warranty. Genuine DuPont Mil-spec 1000 D Cordura. Genuine Crye Precision Multicam Cordura Fabric. ITW low infrared reflective (IRR) buckles for night ops. Mil-spec YKK zippers, Velcro and webbings. Backed by Emdom's life warranty.
  • MALICE / PALS / ALICE compatible, fit all compatible vest, armor, rucks, and load bearing equipments.
  • Stand-alone carry option. Four shoulder strap attachment points at the back. A fully adjustable low profile shoulder strap system is available for separate purchase.
  • Low profile design: Mid-size pack for day to day use. Easy in and out from vehicle, function well in tight surroundings.
  • Camouflage matched webbings on the front and side.
  • Max mounting capacity: Full coverage of MALICE webbing on the front and sides.
  • Top 5.5" x 3" MALICE compatible built-in loop Velcro panel, designed for team patches, IDs, IFF markers, or MALICE pouch attachment.
  • Four webbing loops on the front for extra tie-downs, fit split D-rings, paracord, or elastic shock cords.
  • Front accessory compartment has two zipper openings (top and bottom), easy access to both long and short items inside.
  • Rain protection: All zippers covered by rain flaps. Hydration port covered by a piece of elastic.
  • Zipper security: Zipper of the reservoir compartment has a double snap security system to prevent accidental opening.
  • Hydration port is protected under a piece of elastic. Port is large enough to fit all mil-spec mouth pieces.
  • Reservoir security: Internal paracord reservoir hanging loop for better weight distribution. Mesh reservoir pocket has an elastic opening, and a 4" wide elastic band for better retention, support and compression.
  • More storage options: a 5"x 5" mesh zipper pocket (inside the main compartment) for hydration accessories, such as cleaning tablets and extra mouth pieces. Behind this pocket is a 4" x 4" loop Velcro panel for extra patches or IFF marker storage.
  • Water Drainage grommet at bottom, for maritime operations.
  • Note: Hydration reservoir is NOT included.
  • Note: Shoulder strap is NOT included, which can be separately purchase.
  • Imported.


  • 4
    This completes your plate carrier, almost.

    Posted by Hugo on 18th Oct 2021

    Quality material. Won't rip. Good pockets. Fits PRC-152 sized radio and extra batteries - or - fits BB2590 battery for your externals. Perfect for the ground pounder. Ships WITHOUT molle straps, so be prepared to buy or use connections. Recommend for all infantry.

  • 5
    Superior Quality

    Posted by M Pearson on 17th May 2018

    Top tier material and craftsmanship. Sits perfectly on 511 TacTec PC. Little to no droop below PC. Can't say enough about the quality and attention to detail in construction, fit, form, and function. Zipper is robust and the dual snap closure is just another cherry component to the whole carrier.

  • 5
    just what i needed.

    Posted by Unknown on 5th Feb 2018

    fast shipping! great product and quality, will be ordering again.

  • 5

    Posted by Ella Keroz on 26th Jan 2018

    Excellent, durable construction and very slim. Fits nicely as a back panel for my plate carrier.

  • 5
    Emdom Carrier

    Posted by Mitchell on 9th Sep 2017

    Excellent fit, plenty of space, and tough as hell. Great for hydration carry and first aid carry. Malice clips hold strong, molle webbing and Velcro all holds great. Would definitely recommend for a light pack for you carrier.

  • 5
    Emdom Veh Hydration Carrier

    Posted by Ngon Cao on 24th Apr 2017

    SKDtactical you guy are awesome. I ordered my gears from you guy and the process was outstanding. I am currently station out here in Afghanistan and I received your product literally a week after it was ordered. This is not my first time ordering from you guy. Keep on doing a great job and make Special Operations Soldiers like us great again.

  • 5

    Posted by Mark on 22nd Nov 2016

    Great product high quality attention to detail .

  • 5

    Posted by SamHill on 2nd Nov 2015

    Well thought out and well made. Love the interior patch panel to store other patches like reflective for night shooting but dont want it on at all times. Or in case I have "fuck yo couch" on there but im at moms house..Change it out with simething a little more P.C. Bladder hanger, elastic band, zipper pouch. It has it all.

  • 5
    Awesome piece of kit

    Posted by Eric Chisamore on 8th Oct 2015

    Great design, very well made! Perfect size.