Esstac 70°ish Angled Single Pistol KYWI

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70°ish Angled Single Pistol KYWI

Identical to their standard single pistol pouch but hard mounted on a one-wrap VELCRO® base and angled 70deg...ish

For belt mounting only.

Important info! read or don't, many don't read this Description crap anyways and it bites them in the ass....

The 70 deg pouch MUST be mounted to an outer belt with Hook VELCRO® on the inside. That is how it attaches, the 40deg angled pouch does not need this but is helpful. The pouch is built and meant to be mounted roughly @ 70deg but can be angled all the way down to 40 roughly, YMMV.

Angled pouches are meant to have some space between them. You could mount multiple of these side by side(pictured above) but angled pouches with act as a tiered pouch and may have interference from the second magazine while drawing the first. I warned you!

If you are buyng these specifically to get 40-45deg you WILL be better off with the specific 40deg pouch. Its dual mounting system is a better, more stable mounting.