FirstSpear Multi Climate Glove (MCG)

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FirstSpear Multi Climate Glove (MCG)

When maximum manipulation and tactility are required while protecting your digits, consider the Multi Climate Glove (MCG) first! The palm of the glove is made from brushed micro fiber suede, while the back uses a premium polyester soft shell material. This lightweight material makes it feel like you're not even wearing a glove. The trigger finger of the MCG has an advanced patent pending design that will still give excellent transmission of trigger feel, magazine release and other key weapons functions.

In order to achieve this amazing level of peak performance, the Hands-On Glove line utilizes extremely light, high-performance materials which by their very nature will not stand up to extremely long periods of hard abuse, and would not be an item you would expect to hand down to your kids like other FirstSpear equipment. Please note the Hands-On Glove line does not come with the standard FirstSpear lifetime warranty. These gloves should be expected to perform exceptionally well through a standard train up and deployment.


  • Maximum Manipulation for Peak Performance Feel of Essential Weapon Controls
  • Improved Breathability, Low Water Uptake, and Soft Drying
  • Digital Texture Enhances Grip
  • Strong and Technically Advanced, Remains Comfortable and Flexible
  • Brushed micro fiber suede, with Premium Polyester Soft Shell back


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    First Spear Gloves

    Posted by Sarsaparilla Dave on 5th Feb 2021

    These things are the literal goat glove. Every bit of quality (wayyy more idiot) than a MUHCANIX. If you’re wearing those NON AMERICAN MADE gloves you’re a real fucking traitor and don’t do the bbbbuuu bbbbuuu the milllllitarrrryyyyyy uses em. Son o bitch if you ever worked with Uncle Sam you know they’re screwing ever one of you with crap gear. They’re the same fookin price, they’re USA made, the fingers are touch compatible, they don’t have that stupid fingertip seam or the weird padding between fingers that fucks your pistol draws if you got Dem Bear Paw mitts, a dang beretta is still too small for this ogre. You can even adjust the damn strap so they’re fast on/off for those boys who stop bleeds ;)