FirstSpear STT Plate Carrier, SKD Exclusive

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FirstSpear STT Plate Carrier, SKD Exclusive

Combine the technological advances of First Spear and the marketing gonads of SKD in a dirty, backseat tryst, and the only thing that could gestate is a ground-breakingly evil product like the First Spear STT (Six-Twelve-Tubes) Plate Carrier.

The First Spear STT PC was created in conjunction with and exclusively for SKD, and offers 6/12(TM) and Tubes (TM) technology in a sub $200 Plate Carrier for the first time. What the market has been missing for years (since the likes of the Eagle Plate Carrier with Cummerbund) has been a full-featured plate carrier from a top tier brand in the sub-$200 category. With the First Spear STT Plate Carrier, you not only get all the traditional features in an all-molle front, back and cummerbund, but you get the bleeding-edge technologies of 6/12 (TM) and Tubes (TM) for a lightweight Molle interface, sex-pot good looks, and the fastest don and doff in the industry- all in a package that weighs a scant 1.6 lbs.

The plate pockets are sized to handle most shooters cut 10" x 12" commercial armor plates, as well as Medium ESAPI/Ceradyne plates (L or XL ESAPI will NOT fit). The bottom flap pushes the plate to the top of the pocket to keep your armor in its proper place over your upper thoracic region. Exclusive to this SKD-spec STT Plate Carrier is the integration of loop velcro strips on the front and back carriers for option of adding PIG AFC Pontoons for increased air flow and padded goodness.

We are offering 3 different cummerbund sizes to maximize fit. Measure your chest around the widest part (usually at nipple height) and it should correspond with your jacket size if you know it. Compare that measurement with the sizes below to select your cummerbund.

S/M: 38"-44" (can hold 6" x 9" soft armor )
M/L: 42"-48" (can hold 6" x 9" soft armor)
L/XL: 48"-52" (can hold soft armor up to 6" x 12" wide)

If you are in between 2 sizes we recommend trying the smaller of the two sizes first. These sizing suggestions are general guidelines. There are multiple variables in play that make fitting armor an imperfect process at best but this will put most people into the size they need to be.

The M/L and L/XL cummerbunds have elastic for up to 2" of additional stretch. The thickness of your plates and whether you are running any soft armor will also affect the sizing and fit. Adding PIG AFC Pontoons will reduce the size and fit considerably.

As you can probably tell, we're pumped up to offer the STT Plate Carrier exclusively and hope you feel the same way!

As with all First Spear tactical nylon gear, the STT PC is proudly Made in USA!

For plate carrier fitting advice, please see the SKD Blog post: How to Choose the Right Size Plate Carrier


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    Economy Strandhogg

    Posted by Bill on 11th Feb 2023

    The STT is essentially a FS Strandhogg minus the hefty pricetag. It have Velcro strips instead of mesh so you can even run pontoons in it which is a plus.

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    Awesome so far

    Posted by Hicks on 27th Aug 2022

    Have only had this for just over a month or so. However, I took it on several range trips plus a 7 mile hike today. I am very pleased with it! I added the Ferro Concepts shoulder pads, mini dangler, and Trauma Roll. The shoulder pads will work immediately, however, i had to get creative for the other parts. I have adhesive backed 'industrial Velcro that I doubled over to make male to male and female to female strips, as the Ferro velcro is reverse of what this had to attach said items. I also added the PIG pontoons, and they feel amazing. I have not noticed a difference with the shoulder tubes. Some people are affected by them, I have not been. Overall very happy, hopefully the durability doesn't change down the road!

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    STT Plate Carrier

    Posted by Zakary on 14th Apr 2022

    I love this thing with the exception that the back will fit a large military SAPI but the front will not I was definitely a bit bummed to get ready to put everything together and find out that it didn’t fit the sand size plates (large) front and back alike. But outside of that, this thing is awesome. Lightweight and comfortable.

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    Awesome plate carrier

    Posted by Neal on 19th Feb 2021

    Awesome plate carrier. Holds the spartan light weight plates well. (1.2 inches thick)

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    Excellent "Budget" Carrier

    Posted by J on 8th Dec 2020

    Upgrade my plate carrier from a cloned version of another JPC and chose to go with this PC. Mainly using for training/weekend warrior/SHTF use, I couldn't justify the expense of the FirstSpear AAC, so this was the next best option. This PC is a minimalist version of even the AAC, with many of the same features. The front plate bag holds my HighCom Lvl 4 4sas7 Shooter's cut plates perfectly. The rear plate bag is about 2" taller than the front, so the plate sits a little lower in the bag, but still in the ideal body position. Using PIG BRIG MK1 shoulder pads from the cheap carrier that I moved over, makes the PC even more comfy. I added a FS admin pouch and M4 3 mag "Ranger" Shingle to complete the front of the kit. PC fits snuggly on the body, even when running. All said, this is a great choice if you're looking for FirstSpear quality on a tighter budget. Will update my review after more time with the kit.

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    STT PC

    Posted by Andrew on 21st Nov 2020

    This is a really nice lightweight pc but. But it is designed for shooter cut plates. This struck me as odd since there is a seperate STT PC designed for shooters cut plates. Im running 10x12 lvl 4s and they fit bot not perfectly. It also seems tgat the plate bags werent designed for curved plates. Had to jam the plates in pretty good to get the best possible fit. This pc could benefit from the elastic type backing the JPC has to accomidate a wider variety of plates. Also should be redesigned so that it fits sapi plates instead of shooters cut. I dont see the need to have 2 different SKUs that fit the same plates. Ordered this with the axl adv placard adapter (pain in the ass to install) the PC fits perfectly and holds ss micro fight really well.

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    Impressive quality

    Posted by Rhino on 6th Nov 2020

    Wow!!! This plate carrier is extremely well made. Not one loose thread or imperfection. The material is extremely tough, and the Velcro has to be the worlds stickiest Velcro , my wife was laughing at my try to get the size adjusted because the Velcro was so sticky. This a by far the best plate carrier deal on the market. I own the AR500 invictus carrier, which is their 2020 high end line. It’s very similar to the crye jpc. This carrier is much slimmer and better quality build than those and includes the quick detach for less price. The SKD tactical team was awesome. Shipped the product within hours of me placing the order. Arrived two days later. Incredible work guys!

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    Carrier so good I bought it twice

    Posted by Mike on 9th Oct 2020

    On a previous review, I had a few issues with the carrier, but I found what I had done wrong and fixed them. I've got it set up to my liking and have no serious complaints when using this PC in conjunction with a war belt I have everything I need easily accessible. I wish I had a middle slot over one of the quick releases to mount a fixed blade. I have HSGI shoulder pads on my vest which make it extremely comfortable, it only starts to wear on me after about 3-4 hours of training with steel plates (Front/Back and sides), 11 mags, compass, admin pouches, sling, weapon, and camelback. So as far as comfort is concerned I realistically have no complaints.

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    All around great carrier

    Posted by Wanderz on 4th Oct 2020

    Re: Sizing...I opted for a M/L even though i'm a S/M because I wanted the option of having the elastic bands in the cummerbund for additional flexibility and maneuverability when training or running around my house being a LARPer :P All joking aside, great fit and overall rigid and durable platform with out all the unnecessary bulk and very adaptive with all the laser cuts. I overlapped the cummerbund straps quite a bit to get a snug fit and it has not come undone, so M/L even for someone who may be a S/M will still be good to go if desired. Last thing to keep in mind is that adding pontoons will help snug up the fit as well. Re: plates: I'm running Hesco 4401s and there is plenty of room if you wanted to add an internal backer or trauma plate. Also tossed in my Hesco L210s just to see and theres even more room for thicker traumapad or additional soft armor if desired. Thanks SKD, for making this affordable and well built platform available!