HSGI AO Small Chest Rig

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HSGI AO Small Chest Rig

In collaboration with Advanced Outfitters, HSGI proudly offers the AO Small Chest Rig. This small lightweight chest rig offers a lot of features for the price:

  • 3 Rows of PALS Webbing across the front, 8 Columns wide.
  • The main body is open through on the sides to stow admin paperwork/maps.
  • A Carry Handle is sewn into the top to allow quick transportation/carry of the chest rig if you have to grab and go.

The HSGI Small H-Harness is included with the Chest Rig. This allows the weight to be distributed evenly, and creates a level of comfort over the X-Backed Shoulder Straps found on most small chest rigs.

Perfect for the Average Shooter. With a weight of just under 12oz. Add 3 Taco Magazine Pouches and a Bleeder Blowout Kit and you have the perfect setup. Other Colors Available on Request.

Covered by HSGI's Lifetime Warranty. Made in the USA.



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    Tough and American Made. ENOUGH SAID!

    Posted by Kevin K on 30th Nov 2015

    Utilized this as the foundation for my own "custom" shotgun dedicated chest rig. Was able to affix one Tactical Tailor 556 Double Mag Panel 30 Rd to store two Esstac Shotgun Cards with two Tactical Tailor Shotgun Vertical 6rd Panel stacked on the double mag panel, and just enough room for an ATS Medium Upright GP Pouch. Only minor grip: the back straps from the H-Style harness will hang off your body quite a bit and unfortunately the rig doesn't come with anything to secure them. However, you can "tuck" them behind the waist strap.

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    Great little chest rig!

    Posted by Chris on 7th Oct 2015

    I picked up this rig to have something I could run slick with just a few mag carriers on it. It is well made with good stitching, and is compact in size but has plenty of molle to add several mags or an IFAK. Another great piece of gear from HSGI.

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    Great customer service!

    Posted by Michael Matz on 3rd Apr 2015

    I ordered this rig from Skd. Received it in no time flat. Part of the advertised order was missing. One email and I was so impressed with their resolution I ordered another product on the spot. I will continue to shop at SKD TAC!

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    Just enough and not too much

    Posted by Jack Bones on 12th Jan 2015

    This is a real nice piece of kit. It is compact and holds 3 M4 pouches, med pouch, tourniquet, and smoke. It's light and the interior pocket on the sides holds intel and/ or chest seal. Can be folded up nice and neat and tucked into the door of my truck or in a small bag/ briefcase. I plan on buying more for various mission load outs.

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    small is good !!

    Posted by MARCO IULIANI on 1st Jan 2015

    small enoguh to keep the ssential gear and carry the backpack at the same time,,,, good compromise !

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    Excellent Rig

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Jun 2014

    Pros: Light Well built Very adjustable (but not perfect) Cons: Messy stitching. There's redundancy and multiple stitches, so I am not worried about it coming apart, but there are a lot of unclean lines and clumps where the thread was tangled. Not quite one size fits all. For 98% of the people using this, it'll fit. For us unfortunate 2% with unusual body proportions, it needs a few modifications. The H harness could have been perfect if it connected closer together on the front panel by an inch on each side, and the ability to shorten the harness' vertical adjustments by another inch, and have the rear horizontal strap of the "H" shorter. I ended up sewing another horizontal bar 3 inches above the bar. Now it fits perfect, the straps don't fall when the rig isn't loaded.

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    HSGI AO Small Chest Rig

    Posted by Alex on 2nd Jun 2014

    Great product. It is extremely comfortable and it's made out of sturdy material.

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    Posted by Brad Blanchard on 21st Dec 2013

    Great minimalist chest rig. Awesome quality from HSGI! Awesome service from SKD! What else could you ask for?

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    Small and light

    Posted by Drew on 7th Sep 2013

    This small chest rig works great. Light weight and allowed me to carry what I needed without having to have extra weight from a large scale chest rig with to much material. Also helps for the hot weather situations where keeping cool so to not over heat. Great product, highly recommend.