HSGI Inner Belt

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HSGI Inner Belt

This belt is a basic inner belt lined with Hook Velcro to mate up with the loop on our COBRA Rigger Belts and belt-mounted TACO. At 1.5" wide, it is compatible with most pant belt loops.®'s.

No buckle. Leading edge backed with loop for easy adjustment.


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    Excellent inner bekt

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Mar 2020

    This inner belt works great when run through normal belt loops and hold the HSGI riggers belt snug on the waste and prevents movement of the pants upwards when drawing magazines or pistols from the belt

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    Basic, nothing fancy but matches my belt

    Posted by Jay on 24th Sep 2018

    As I already have the HSGI Rigger's belt (which is velcro-loop-lined), I needed this HSGI inner belt for stability during draw, which has external hook to mate. Plan to transition to the FirstSpear AGB later on (way prefer its add'l stiffness vs. HSGI), but oddly their own Base Belt has velcro loop on the outside, incompatible with the AGB... so I'll have to use this belt as my inner, until FS comes to their senses and realizes no one is going to buy their Tac belt just to match their Base inner belt.