HSGI M3T Multi-Mission Medical TACO Pouch - MOLLE

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HSGI M3T Multi-Mission Medical TACO Pouch

The M3T - Multi-Mission Medical Taco  , is designed to provide the user with a versatile and adaptable platform from which to carry and deploy their IFAK (individual first aid kit). NOLATAC Training and Consulting provided the insight, influence , and design criteria needed to create a pouch to meet an ever-changing set of needs within the law enforcement, military, and responsible armed citizen environments.

While designed around the NOLATAC ITK (Individual Trauma Kit), adaptability to accept many other medical insert components as well as other manufacturer's medical trays and kits was built in from the start. The included "med sleds" allow for a quick and ambidextrous deployment on the medical contents. Also, as users add more gear to their load and "tactical real-estate" becomes a concern, several different mounting options were built into the design allowing for fully ambidextrous deployment and environmental protection for purpose built tourniquets (TQ).

Having a purpose built TQ immediately accessible is extremely important. Likewise, protecting that TQ from the elements such as UV rays is very important as well. To assist with that, two separate ambidextrous side pockets were designed that not only protect the TQ from sun and other environmental exposure, but they also allow for rapid deployment from multiple angles and sides dependent on how the user mounts the M3T. If the user chooses to carry their TQ elsewhere or carry only one TQ, then the unused TQ pocket can be tucked away out of sight or used to store other items such as medical shears, "chem-lights", etc.

Key Features:

  • Made in the USA
  • Designed by NOLATAC Training and Consulting
  • Ambidextrous horizontal and vertical mounting options
  • Completely ambidextrous mounting options on PALS, MOLLE, or up to 2" belts
  • Dual tourniquet quick deployment pockets with ambidextrous access and positive retention pull-tabs
  • Internal med sleds that fit the NOLATAC ITK and many other IFAK insert modules
  • Adaptability with various manufacturers medical inserts and trays
  • Completely ambidextrous mounting options on PALS, MOLLE, G-Code RTI System, or up to 2" belts in a vertical or horizontal configuration
  • Independent shock / bungee cord retention for security, low profile, user field maintenance and repair
  • Comes with two (2) HSG clips for mounting
  • Velcro Panel to apply medical marker if desired.


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    Just what I needed.

    Posted by Chad Howser on 19th Oct 2018

    Maximum trauma gear in minimal space. I have two. One in my rig and one on my web gear. A little pricey, but you won't find a better pouch for your life saving gear. The price is the only reason it's missing a 5th star.

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    HSGI or nothing

    Posted by Jesse Shields on 26th Mar 2017

    I was eyeing this up for a while. Fits two TQs and a solid ifak setup perfectly. Really quick deployment and stays where its put. Fantastic idea for an IFAK pouch. Another winner.

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    Love my Taco pouches!

    Posted by Eric Swanson on 8th Oct 2015

    The M3T has been a great tool for my kit. I own two now and each has been specialized for each of my vests. One for daily patrol and one for active shooter incidents. Either way, the M3T has enough room and option to hold anything needed for either incident.

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    Fast turnaround

    Posted by orlando perez on 8th Oct 2015

    I was pleasantly surprise to see my order being shipped the next day. The quality of The HSGI taco was on point. The stitching was quality and overall appearance was satisfying. This is my second order with more to come in the futur.

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    Works as advertised.

    Posted by Nathan Dempsey on 3rd Apr 2015

    Holds the IFAK plus shears and an tourniquet and all are quick and easy to remove when needed. I would mount the empty pouch before loading with med kit components as it is fairly tight fit once filled. Love the fact that you can also belt mount this both vertically and horizontally.

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    HSGI M3T Multi-Mission Medical TACO

    Posted by James on 27th Jan 2015

    Another great product from HSGI, everything you come to expect from this company has been reinforced with this flexible M3T. I actually have come to enjoy having the two side pockets that function independent of the main compartment. These side mounted compartments are perfect for shears and a TQ, or what best suits the job. The main pocket is completely removable inside of a two-piece "bundle" that packs all the contents of a IFAK into a more modular pouch. The downside of this pouch is "in-my-opinion" it is very large. For the way I mounted it on my belt it completely dominated the available real estate. Fully loaded, it takes up about 3-4 columns of PALS. Because of my small stature I'll have to either deal with it or go back to my ITS Tallboy. Either way I will use this pouch, whether its on the battle belt or in a kit bag it is worth having...

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    nice gear.

    Posted by joe torok on 1st Jan 2015

    The product looks grate. It will look nice on my battle belt.

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    five stars.

    Posted by d hiro on 2nd Jun 2014

    This is perfect for the small of the back. Ambi and out of the way. Works great with the ITS ifak. Going to be picking up more. This fits so good everywhere there's no reason for everyone not to have one.

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    Medical taco

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Apr 2014

    I really wanted to like this item a lot, but I don't. It was very difficult getting my med kit in, the dimensions should have been a little bigger. I mounted it on the side of my PC and after 1 day of training I noticed the tabs had come out several times, not enough to deploy the tourniquets, but annoying nonetheless. I was also surprised that there was no dedicated pouch in it for shears, I had to add one. For $75 you would think it would have one. I went back to my old HSGI blowout kit and Tactical Tailor tourniquet pouch. Much simpler. The medical taco is now attached to my vehicle first aid kit. Very disappointed.