LaRue Inline Flashlight Mount (LT707)

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LaRue Inline Flashlight Mount

Simply loosen the ring screws, insert your flashlight, and tighten the screws...clamping the flashlight's body securely in-place.

Available in 1.040" (SureFire G-Series) and .830" (SureFire E-Series) ring sizes.

Comes complete with QD adjustment wrench, vial of blue Locktite and Instructions.


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    The very best mount for your Surefire E2D

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Mar 2013

    There are other great mounts like the Veltor, but for secure lockup and adjustable in all phases it cannot be beat. I have several LaRue Mounts with the Cam Lock which is adjustable and there is just no other way for the Operator or home defense person!

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    LaRue quality

    Posted by Randall Chaney on 20th Nov 2012

    Another excellent product from LaRue. If you want a fine US made product look no further.

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    rock solid

    Posted by Will on 11th Jul 2010

    this is a truly rock solid flashlight mount that will not wiggle, loosen, break, or fall off no matter what. i have dove for cover where nearly all my weigh fell on the weapon with the mount on the pavement and it was unfazed. it is pricey and there are other options if you dont need the durability, but if you do this is it. mark larue is an awesome guy who stands behind his products for life. he also supports the firearms community and the military. he recently offered to pay the court fees of the mathew snyders father. mathew snyder was a marine killed in iraq and whose funeral was protested.