Ninecor ARX Holster

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Every Ninecor item starts off as a Tenicor product so they look the same at a glance.
In order to differentiate Ninecor products, they have a hole drilled through them. This hole in no way compromised function. Ninecor holsters represent an amazing deal- all the design advantages of Tenicor at much lower price point!
All Ninecor products are Final Sale.

"Tenicor endeavors to bring the highest quality products to market. A result is a high number of perfectly functional holsters that don’t meet the fit and finish standards for our primary line. Exclusively through our partners at SKD Tactical we bring you Ninecor (Nai-ne-kor), because it is not a Ten…"
Jeff Mau 
CEO, Tenicor

Ninecor ARX Holster

The ARX holster is lean and intelligently designed, easy to use, easy to conceal, and built for every day. It is a belt holster intended to be worn at or just behind the strong side hip.


OPTIMIZED CONCEALMENT FOR CONTINUOUS WEAR | The profile is minimized removing bulk to aid in concealment. With custom profiled wings and integrated belt slots, the gun is pulled tight to the body hiding the gun and distributing the weight across the belt. The mid-ride sweat guard protects the body. 10 degrees of forward cant rotates the grip of the gun inward. The high ride design keeps the gun from showing below the cover garment but allows for a positive draw.

ROBUST DESIGN | With the integrated belt loops, there is no hardware to fail. This strong design will survive the fight allowing you to focus on solving problems and not broken equipment. Additionally, the ARX is made from a thick and durable thermoplastic for longevity.

INTEGRATED PERFORMANCE | Using custom CAD designs and precision machined CNC tooling, the ARX is designed for performance. Profiling at the trigger guard and sweat guard allows for a full and positive grip on the gun in the holster. The tension screw enables subtle adjustments. The trigger guard is fully covered, and the outside of the holster mouth is low profile to avoid trapping the cover garment. Belt slots are sized for specific belt heights to eliminate movement on the belt during the draw. The ARX is profiled for compatibility with most slide mounted red dot sights, suppressor sights, and threaded barrels.

PURPOSEFUL DESIGN | Lean low profile design with offset belt loops draws the gun close to the body optimizing concealment. 10 degree forward cant rotates the grip toward the body.

 | Robust two-piece design with integrated belt loops leaves no attachments to fail.

 | Built from custom CAD designs and precision machined CNC tooling for a positive fit. A retention screw provides for subtle adjustments.

 | If it fails, we will replace it. MADE IN AMERICA