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Paraclete SOHPC-SKD

Paraclete SOPHC-SKD Instruction Sheet

Old school is the NEW COOL. Introducing the All-New Paraclete SOHPC-SKD (Special Operations Hard Plate Carrier- SKD Spec). Working closely with Paraclete we updated the venerable SOHPC design and revamped it with features that make it lighter and increase functionality. The SOHPC-SKD’s Molle interface is entirely ¾” webbing for added weight savings. The exterior of the SOHPC-SKD is made with 500 Denier Cordura and the interior is lined with 420 Denier Nylon.

The tall cummerbund and front flap remains a distinguishing feature, allowing for donning and doffing without removing magazines mounted on the front. The cummerbund has been updated to hold Side Plates up to 7"x8” in size. As with all our PIG and SKD-exclusive plate carriers, the Paraclete SOHPC-SKD Spec also pushes the plate high within the plate pocket. The velcro plate retention strap is specifically sized and placed to ensure that a properly fitting plate will not droop inside the plate pocket, but will be pushed all the way to the top. The SOHPC-SKD also features a unique solution to the side to side shifting of plates- inside the plate pocket a patch of grippy hypalon has been added to keep the plate from sliding. The weight of the carrier, coupled with the tension from the cummerbund and the user's body pushing against the plate from the interior will cause the plate to grip the Hypalon and prevent any side to side shifting that would be an issue in other carriers.

The tall cummerbund and front flap remains a distinguishing feature, allowing for donning and doffing without removing magazines mounted on the front. The cummerbund has been updated to hold Side Plates up to 7"x8” in size. 1.5” loop Velcro strips mate with the immensely popular PIG AFC (Airflow and Comfort) Pontoons for the ultimate in Plate Carrier comfort and breathability. Integrally padded shoulder straps provide hours of on-duty comfort. Front and back Loop Velcro fields allow for ID and Morale patches up to 3” x 6” in size. The rear carrier also includes an integral drag handle.

The Paraclete SOHPC-SKD comes in 2 chassis sizes. The S/M/10x12 will fit both Small and Medium ESAPI and 10” x 12” commercial plates and soft armor backers, and secure the plate to the top of the carrier. The L/XL will fit Large and XL ESAPI plates or similar. Cummerbunds come in 4 different sizes: Small, Medium, Large and XL. **Note, the chassis size S/M/10x12 is labeled "M", and the L/XL is labeled "L"**

The Paraclete SOHPC-SKD is available in 4 colors: Black, Coyote, Ranger Green and Multicam. As with all SKD-Spec Paraclete products, the SOHPC-SKD is proudly Made in the USA.


Please use the following reference for sizing. If you're a larger individual and your abdomen measurement is larger than your chest, please measure around your navel for your size. If your abdomen measurement is not larger than your chest, please measure at the bottom of your sternum (about 4" above the navel) for your size. Find the corresponding plate that you are using (or the closest to it- please contact your plate manufacturer if your plate is not listed or you do not know what your plate size is closest to) and you can establish the cummerbund size range that is appropriate for you.
SM 25.5-32.5 27.5-36.5 25-32 28-35 27-34 26.5-33.5
MD 30.5-37.5 32.5-41.5 30-37 33-40 32-39 31.5-39.5
LG 33.5-40.5 35.5-44.5 33-40 36-43 35-42 34.5-41.5
XL 36.5-43.5 38.5-47.5 38-43 39-46 38-45 37.5-44.5

SOHPC-SKD cummerbund pocket dimensions:

Small: 12″ x 5 3/8"
Medium: 13.5″ x 5 3/8"
Large: 15" x 5 3/8"
XL: 16.5″ x 5 3/8"
(Please note: 1" has been subtracted from the pocket height for the velcro. Actually pocket height for all cummerbunds is 6 3/8")

For plate carrier fitting advice, please see the SKD post: How to Choose the Right Size Plate Carrier




  • 5
    My favorite PC

    Posted by Daniel on 20th Jan 2021

    This is my 2nd time buying this item. I bought the Multicam for when I was in the Army and now I bought the Black one for my security gig. This time I did not buy the side-plate cummerbund (it was not available) so I went with "PIG Plate Carrier Elastic Cummerbund"(PIG-PC-CBE). Since I'm going slick (no pouches), this cummerbund should work just fine and I like the elastic stretch that Cordura simply does not have.

  • 5
    Great buy!!

    Posted by Clayton on 25th Nov 2017

    I've owned this PC for a while now and use it regularly for training and such. It handles playing in the sand and everything just fine. Plates stay just where you want them. I did add some HSGI should pads that made it even more comfortable to play in all day, and I highly suggest you do that. The stock pads aren't bad but the HSGI pads coupled with those make for an extremely comfortable carrier. I don't know of anyone that makes 7x8 side plates but the 10x12 fit real nice and don't move when you're moving. All in all its a nice PC.

  • 5

    Posted by RC on 15th Jan 2017

    Fits great and I like the side pockets for armor. I wish there was a little more velcro space for patches but not a deal breaker...

  • 3
    ALMOST perfect

    Posted by Joe on 21st Dec 2016

    This PC is nearly the perfect PC, with the exception of a couple things... The padded shoulder straps are great, but the lack of a hook/loop interface between the adjustment strap and the pad lets them get twisted/flipped too easily. Going to send mine to a gear tailor to have some added. Also, loop sewn over the webbing on the patch panels would make patch attachment much more secure.

  • 4
    Excellent PC with plenty of space

    Posted by Daniel S on 24th Oct 2016

    PC works well, and can't be beat for the price. Full Molle front/rear, and cummerbund. Soft armor fits in all 3 as well, which most units require as well as hard armor. Sewn on grab handle in the rear that Velcro's out of the way. The only reason I give it 4 starts instead of 5 is the way the cummerbund attaches in the rear of the PC. Total Velcro would be better (like the PIG Brig). However with a little ingenuity you can make this mimic the PIG Brig. This will without a doubt fit my needs for the years to come.

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    Measure Higher Than Recommended

    Posted by Unknown on 10th Jul 2016

    I purchased this carrier about 5 months ago and I really wanted to get a feel for it before I wrote a review. Overall, I think it's a good carrier. Materials and stitching are top-notch. My only complaint is that the shoulder strap adjustments aren't even in length. One strap is slightly shorter than the other which causes me to have to wear the carrier higher than I would like and it puts the cummerbund in my armpits. Also, if you frequent the gym, measure around your chest where it's biggest for the cummerbund. My cummerbund wraps right around my lats so it's a little too snug with side plates. All in all, it's a good carrier. I've used it a lot and it's held up to the abuse fairly well. Nothing has ripped, torn, or come unstitched. I'd buy it again but only with the next size up cummerbund.

  • 4
    Happy with it

    Posted by Ed on 8th Jun 2016

    Straight forward design. Easy to throw on and take off even with triple double stacked full mags on the front flap. The internal plate retention strap does a good job of keeping the plates high and tight and the fabric that's seen on the inside of the plate pocket that's designed to keep the plates from sliding around actually works. I haven't bought them yet but I'm definitely buying the pig pontoons for that extra comfort and air flow

  • 5
    Good deal

    Posted by Unknown on 20th Apr 2016

    It's well constructed, has good stitching. It's lighter and more comfortable than my previous carrier while providing more coverage. The inner straps for holding the plates higher do their job. Generally comfortable to wear. Shipped fast as always. I would buy this again.

  • 4
    Nice Carrier

    Posted by Ryan J on 4th Jan 2016

    I like this carrier but it seems light and not very durable. Still nice, I will just use it for training.