PIG CR H-Harness Kit

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PIG CR H-Harness Kit

The release of the PIG CR H-Harness Kit represents the best solution available today for a real need for chest rig users- a kit that reliably converts an X-strap to an H-harness configuration for specially designed PIG Chest Rig straps. Owner’s of Eagle’s popular Universal Chest Rig (CR-UTV, SKD, SKD All Molle and standard versions) will be able to use the CR H-Harness Kit in conjunction with the New PIG CR-UTV Upgrade Straps (sold separately).

The H-Harness kit can also be used with the New PIG BRIG Chest Rig Series (June 2012), and the PIG UCR (Universal Chest Rig) .

The CR H-Harness Kit works with its specifically designed host PIG Chest Rig straps to allow for a full range of length adjustment and placement of the H cross-member. This is accomplished with 4 pieces of 1" Onewrap that overlap with one another in an alternating sequence to form cross-member. Once the placement and length is determined, a small protective pad locks in the middle portion of the Onewrap and protects it from dust and debris. The pad features integrated 1/8" foam for the wearer's comfort.

For those of you who need something other than the X strap configuration, this simple and effective kit will dramatically increase your comfort level for training or operations.


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    Decent Solution

    Posted by Berglander on 13th Apr 2020

    About two years ago, I ordered the PIG CR-UTV-MS Upgrade Straps for my Eagle UCR that I've had since 2008. I really like the straps, but they were too short to be worn in the X-configuration (I wear my rig lower than most.) So I kept my Eagle straps on. I finally ordered the H-Harness kit, and wish that I had done it years ago. Heck, I wish that it had been available in 2008 when I was in Afghanistan using this rig. Quality is very high. It's a tad bulky; I'll have to see what it's like under a ruck.

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    PIG CR H-Harness Kit

    Posted by Mark Scheuermann on 18th Jan 2020

    What to say....it’s PIG. Good kit. The one wrap I’ve not had previous experience with, but I’m convinced it’s good stuff. X or crossed straps suck but this changes everything about the CR Harness. Now it’s damn near perfect. SKD pet ususl had the order processed and shipped with a quickness. I’ve used SKD for years now and will continue to do business with them as long as they keep up this level of service. 5 stars across the board.

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    One of the best...

    Posted by Jason Griffin on 3rd Dec 2019

    Bought this to convert my fast rig for work (HSGI Warlord chest rig) from an "X" harness to and "H" harness. Made wearing my rig for 6 hours so much more comfortable.

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    H-Harnesses Like a MFer

    Posted by Rob H on 26th Aug 2019

    Bought this to work with an Eagle MPCR that some dumdum cut the H-Harness off of. The ONE-WRAP straps work great to position it and the cushion is reallll nice. Hacked some holes in the Eagle straps and ran the ONE-WRAP through and now it works like it's supposed to.

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    Posted by Christopher Dudley on 12th Jul 2018

    Definitely makes the PIG Harness more comfortable to wear

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    Practical solution

    Posted by Aaron Albert on 8th Oct 2017

    Works well

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    But 2, trust me

    Posted by Val Verde class of '87 on 30th Jul 2017

    Already had one. Found that using two of them, with the PIG UCR, made for a better fit. It keeps the straps from rubbing on your arms and it keeps them from feeling like they are coming off your shoulders. Would be great though, if instead, there was a padded strap back panel with MOLLE that you could attach and would serve both purposes, while giving you extra room for hydration or radio pouch.

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    Great addition

    Posted by GS on 14th Feb 2017

    A must have if you don't like screwing around with x-harness systems/straps.

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    Good upgrade

    Posted by Jerome Rasmussen on 15th Jan 2017

    The H harness works like advertised and that's what I wanted.