RE Factor Tactical Colonial Maritime Raid Force Poster

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RE Factor Tactical Colonial Maritime Raid Force Poster

After doing some research we managed to find this original print of Washington conducting an amphibious assault across the Delaware. We don't know how he managed to get helicopters, Carl Gs, crew serve machine guns and ballistic helmets back then but who are we to judge? In the end we are just happy that he decided to bring a little boot to face and secured our right to use the 1st Amendment (among others).

  • Measures 24 x 16″
  • Made in the USA.


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    What If?

    Posted by Ken Stinson on 18th Apr 2017

    The Washington crossing the Delaware poster is a lot of fun. On a more serious side: What if he had faced ISIS? What if he had faced North Korea? What if he had faced The Soviets in Cuba? What if he had faced Iran? What if he had the MOAB available? The poster is fun, it also gives us plenty to think about, great poster! DVC

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    Bought as a Gift

    Posted by Jose Gonell on 17th Apr 2017

    Bought as a Gift from a Brother, getting my own now..

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    art lovers!

    Posted by James D. Bailey on 25th Mar 2017

    For the art lover who is also a patriot. Love it!

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    Do you like history? AND FREEDOM?!

    Posted by George on 14th Mar 2017

    This right here is a novel poster, as a history buff I jumped on this straight away. Only two down sides, first the image quality to size is not the best, it isn't bad but what can one expect from a 15 dollar poster. Second being the RE Factor logo is, in fact, printed and not simply a watermark, I do like RE Factor but Not enough to want to see it while admiring my new wall art...