SKD Gonoherpasyphilaids T-Shirt

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SKD Gonoherpasyphilaids T-Shirt

We've answered the call to all fans of our Gonoherpasyphilaids patches who demanded a t-shirt. We offer two styles - POS and NEG - in this 100% cotton, Made in USA t-shirt that shows you possess close and intimate knowledge of this dreaded affliction!

You're drill instructor warned you about it... Your team sergeant warned you about it... And now you've tested positive. Go forth and spread the virus while proudly rocking your Gonoherpasyphilaids POS t-shirt!

Or perhaps... Somehow, with all that "poor decision making," you've managed to avoid Gonoherpasyphilaids, and have earned the right to rock the NEG t-shirt. This shirt is the best way to display your qualifications as a registered safe-sex practitioner without looking too cocky.


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    Works as advertised

    Posted by Unknown on 19th Feb 2018

    After two weeks I contracted the Gonoherpasyphilaids. Be warned.

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    Works as intended

    Posted by Fortydelta on 9th Sep 2016

    Being the antithesis of pajama boy, I am constantly propositioned by super models. Being married and wearing a ring does nothing to discourage these desperate women. But with this shirt, they know that I have every super STD known to man, and now only the skankiest girls approach me and I can drink a beer in peace.

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    Awesome quality

    Posted by Papa Kal on 29th Feb 2016

    The screening is perfect, and the shirt is one of the most comfortable I have ever owned. I love that it's USA made too. Even if it comes from faggy 'Murican Apparel.

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    SKD Gonoherpasyphilaids T-Shirt

    Posted by boostercup on 8th Oct 2015

    This shirt just seemed perfect for me since getting stuck with a dirty meth needle. One way to make light of a shitty situation... Shirt fits me perfectly and I really like the material.