Vickers Tactical Extended Magazine Release by TangoDown - For Glock

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Vickers Tactical Extended Magazine Release by TangoDown - For Glock

Finally, a proper fix for the under-sized factory magazine release for Glock. The Vickers Tactical Extended Release is easy to install and made of the same tough polymer as the factory part. Now anyone with average- to small-size hands can release the magazine rapidly without shifting their grip on the weapon.

The GMR-001 is mandatory if installing the Crimson Trace lasers, as they attach to the weapon backstrap and further move the strong hand to the rear, away from the release.

Fits Glock models 17,19, 22, 23, 24, 26, 27, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35 and 37.



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    Don't stick with an OEM magazine release.

    Posted by DD on 15th Jun 2020

    Solid as usual. Sticks out a little bit more on the release without the release getting in the way. This release is a must have product for my glocks. Makes it much easier to drop the mag.

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    A nice improvement

    Posted by J. West on 26th Apr 2019

    I bought this for my Gen 3 G27 and I wish I had bought one sooner. It doesn't stick out too much to the point where it interferes with your grip. Anyone who has shot a G27 knows you need to keep a tight grip. With this mag release I can hit it without change my grip which is awesome. It makes dropping a mag easier and it's fit and finish is excellent. I would suggest it to anyone who owns an original "baby Glock".

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    Worthwhile Indeed

    Posted by ZakumonF on 6th Apr 2018

    From pictures it doesn't look like much of a difference, but by feel it's a world of difference from OEM, at least from a right-hander's perspective. I purchased it for my brother since he was building a new Carry Gun out of a New GLOCK OEM Gen 3 G19 Receiver (had to pick one up since they were so cheap at our local shop) and figured why not get these parts on since it was stripped anyway and he always wanted to try them out. The Magazine Release was perfect for me, but since he's a left handed he needs a farther protruding one.

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    Vickers Tactical Extended mag release for G17/G19

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Mar 2018

    As described in the product info, the extended mag release is just a bit longer than the Glock factory one. It is definitely shorther than the Glock's extend mag release, which I personally think is too long, and makes it uncomfortable to shoot with. This definitely helps with a firmer release on the Glock magazine when reload in a hurry is required.

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    Extended Mag Release

    Posted by Auggie on 25th Oct 2017

    This worked just as advertised and very happy with this product and easy mod.

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    Worth it BABY!!

    Posted by Andrew A. on 10th Oct 2017

    I was skeptical at the price of this tiny piece of plastic, well.......not any more. The factory piece sucks compared to this, Just do it already and stop reading my review

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    Highly recommended!

    Posted by Anthony Peeler on 20th Apr 2017

    I realized the need for an extended mag release when I started getting some real training. The stock one caused me to alter my grip to activate it, which was slow and clumsy. But no more! I can easily reach this mag release without altering my grip, which cut down on speed reload times dramatically. You will not be disappointed.

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    Better than stock!

    Posted by PAUL T KLENK on 7th Mar 2017

    I installed in a new Polymer 80 frame. The process was easier than with the original. Have not used it under actual fire conditions yet, but quite certain that it will work perfectly!

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    Posted by Roche C on 28th Sep 2016

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