Blue Force Gear Ten-Speed Six Pack Bandolier

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The Ten-Speed 6 Pack Bandolier is a standalone bandolier that can hold up to 6 M4 mags. With two rows of Ten-Speed® multiuse pouches sewn to a CORDURA® backer, the 6 Pack Bandolier serves well at the range, active shooter situations, or for extended patrols. Adjustable shoulder and waist straps with side release buckles can be configured and carried multiple ways.

The Ten-Speed 6 Pack Bandolier serves as a minimalist go bag – able to carry extra mags, trauma supplies, water / food rations, or other essential bail out gear.

As with all Blue Force Gear, it is made with excellence in the USA and carries a limited lifetime warranty.

**Magazines and accessories not included**


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    Excellent piece!

    Posted by jeff carter on 12th Feb 2014

    Very light and tough. Easy on and off with quick detach clips. Fits me (33" waist) but could go smaller or much bigger. Perfect for up to six 30 rd mags. I have tried them with 42 rd AUG mags but they are a little too long and the center of gravity is raised to the point of instability. I personally prefer this to a chest rig as it is not nearly as distracting. Also it takes much of the strain off the lower back if you have to wear it for extended periods.

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    Great Bandolier

    Posted by CHS on 25th Sep 2013

    Have looked around for a long time for a perfect bandolier. This one is light and easy to carry (even though I leave it with my BOB Bag). The mags are easily accessible, but held tightly by the elastic material. May have to order a 2nd to keep with my other gear.....

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    For the price nothing comes close

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Mar 2013

    Great value and well made, absolutley satisified!

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    Just What I Needed

    Posted by Mike on 31st May 2012

    I bought two of this bandoleer specifically to fill with loaded magazines and just leave for when it was needed. Ease of replacing the mags doesn't matter. I just wanted all the ammo in one place, easily and securely carried. This item fills the bill for me.

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    excellent quality

    Posted by Dave on 6th Feb 2012

    excellent quality, no frills, no excess pieces that aren't needed. This is as basic as a mag carrier gets

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    A good option for a low profile

    Posted by DannyJ on 3rd Sep 2011

    This is an excellent option for carrying six magazines without drawing attention, and can easily fit under a loose fitting shirt. Nice to have for a LEO that wants to keep a low profile, and has a patrol rifle on stand by. The quality is excellent, and requires PMags to be held without the dust covers. You can also invert the mags and have them in the upright position; however, this does put increased stress and wear points on the spandex around the magazine. A great product for the price, and nice to pack for any situations that dictate increased firepower.

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    simple and great

    Posted by Douglas Hutchison on 30th Oct 2010

    got this to carry M-4 and AUG mags. Something easy to use with no cords or straps. You can put it on mag opening pointing up, or opening down, mags will not fall out. I crossed the straps and put it on opening to left. You can not put a mag back in the pouch without two hands, if you can live with this and a dump pouch, go for it, it's priced right.

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    Great little rig

    Posted by Patrick Panyavong on 20th Sep 2010

    This rig is great. As a recreational Airsofter this rig is great for high speed low drag operations or for a cheap lightweight rig for those hot summer days. Fits mags great and holds them in snug.

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    Nice rig, but...

    Posted by Bob Owens on 14th Jul 2010

    This seems to be a solidly constructed bit of gear, but it doesn't play nice with the Lancer L5 mags I purchased to fill it with. The ridges on the side of the mag that are supposed to fit flush against the magwell keep you from filling both sides, effectively turning this into a three-mag rig until I get new magazines. That said, I think it will do the job well once I have compatible magazines.