Magpul® B.A.D. Lever® - Battery Assist Device – AR15/M4

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Magpul B.A.D. Lever

Want to cut a half second off of your bolt-lock reload time on an AR15/M4? Install a Magpul B.A.D. Lever. and you're half way there. Whether you love it or you're on the fence, no one will deny the Magpul Battery Assist Device (B.A.D.) will significantly decrease your bolt-lock reload times.

Want to cut your double-feed clearance times in half? Installing the Magpul B.A.D. Lever allows you to keep your hand on your firing grip while locking the bolt back to clear your malfunction. On top of that, you can now administratively unload and lock your AR15/M4 action open with ease- simply drop your magazine, then press upwards on the B.A.D. as you manipulate the charging handle to the rear with your support hand. Look and feel, then Presto Bango- you're cleared.

Billet machined and Type III hard anodized, the Magpul B.A.D. Lever is easily installed via a Nyloc treated Torx screw.


  • Fits standard mil-spec forged AR15/M16 lower receivers
  • Thin, anti-snag profile and textured surface still allows for traditional manipulation of the bolt catch while maintaining unobstructed access to the trigger
  • Easy attachment to the existing bolt catch paddle via one screw
  • Machined from durable billet 6061-T6 aluminum with mil-spec finishing
  • MIL-A-8625F, Type III, Class 2 hard anodizing with manganese phosphate on the screw per MIL-DTL-16232G
  • Torx® mounting screw with Nyloc® blue patch prevents back out under recoil
  • Torx® wrench included
Made in USA!


  • 5
    Almost a necessary upgrade to any AR-15

    Posted by Shannon Ackerman on 6th Aug 2012

    A great upgrade to any AR-15, almost a necessity at this point. Really wish manufacturers would just have these installed from the get-go.

  • 5
    Magpul B.A.D. Lever

    Posted by Unknown on 25th Jun 2012

    Very sturdy quality, have yet to run it on my personal rifle but I have used them on other peoples. The order was shipped out very fast and no complaints about SKD turn around time.

  • 5
    Very Nice

    Posted by Kevin Bradley on 14th Jun 2012

    Works just like it says it does!

  • 5
    B.A.D. Lever

    Posted by Docsjetter on 29th Feb 2012

    Bought two. One for daughter's rifle and one for mine. Plan to add them to my other rifles. Easy installation!

  • 5
    Awesome service and part

    Posted by John Austin on 13th Feb 2012

    No problems.

  • 5
    B.A.D. lever

    Posted by B Green on 16th Dec 2011

    bolts on in a minute or less. u need to take the time to train with this product or dont buy it. once u get aclimated to the lever and its operation - u can become very fast at reloading

  • 5

    Posted by Joshua Bernhard on 12th Dec 2011

    2 min. install! Works as advertised and beyond! This aides in shaving that extra split second off chambering a round and getting back on target.Sturdy, threw a 100 rounds through it the other day and it's still as snug as the day I installed it and works perfectly. Great buy, a must have for any AR platform.

  • 4
    Good upgrade for your carbine

    Posted by Hans Weekley on 30th Jun 2011

    This makes me way faster with my rifle. I wound up buying two-one for my home rifle and one for my work gun.

  • 5
    Great upgrade

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Jun 2011

    Very easy to install, works like a charm. Allows clearing a jam without changing your firing grip and without an expensive upper receiver with a proprietary ambidextrous bolt release/catch. Pretty much essential for right-hand shooters.