Magpul® Enhanced Butt-Pad, 0.70"

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Magpul Enhanced Butt-Pad, .70"

The Magpul Enhanced Rubber Butt-Pad, 0.70" is an optional replacement butt pad for the CTR™ and MOE™ Mil-spec stocks as well as the UBR™ and ACS™ stocks. It is designed for enhanced shoulder purchase as well as offering improved recoil reduction with its thicker, vented construction.

*May not be compatible with CTR™ or MOE™ Commercial stocks due to Receiver Extension clearance issues.


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    Posted by Russell Ream on 15th Aug 2013

    Perfect fit

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    Magpul Enhanced Buttpad

    Posted by Kulwinder Jaswal on 11th Feb 2013

    Great Product, Fit Perfect. Recieved the Buttpad in 5 Days and i'm in Canada. "Thank You Very Much Everyone" !!!!

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    great addition

    Posted by roy stewart on 27th Sep 2012

    put this on my acs stock, just this little bit made a big difference in fit to shoulder.

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    Excellent Cushioning!

    Posted by reed mckean on 19th May 2012

    I have one of these on my CTR and ACS. It adds a great cushioning for 308ARs if yours is over gassed and giving too much kick. It also adds some extra length to the stock if you need it. I prefer it over the standard butt pad magpul stocks come with.

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    MEB 0.70"

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Apr 2012

    Not much more cushion than the standard pad for felt recoil reduction, but it is good for adding a some extra length to your stock and it is more comfortable when riding higher on the shoulder when wearing armor, etc.

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    Magpul Enhanced Buttpad, 0.70"

    Posted by M Ryder on 5th Mar 2012

    I needed a thicker pad to compensate for the recoil on a Beowulf upper installed on my AR15. Had a Magpul CRT stock already so the replacement was easy. Have used different Magpul products over the years and all have performed without a hitch so I expected the same high quality that I have gotten before and which I got. By using this pad in conjunction with a different buffer it definitely saves your shoulder from heavy pounding. Easily a 5 star product.

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    Posted by Unknown on 8th Nov 2011

    Nice enhancement to the standard pad.

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    I like big buttstocks and I cannot lie

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Jun 2011

    You other operators can't deny That when a 'bine walks in with an itty bitty barrel And a round thing in your shoulder You get sprung Magpul brings an inexpensive and reliable way to add additional comfort and length of pull for the big boys (not the fat ones, or the gay ones (Length of pull, get it?)).

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    Much better than OE

    Posted by Daniel Youngblood on 18th Jun 2011

    A much better pad than the OE pad on the MOE. It could be a tad softer but it's a tactical rifle so no complaints. I got this because the screws in my MOE hit my shoulders. This solved it.