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PIG BRIG CR (Chest Rig), 3 Mag [SYSTEMA]

NOTE ON SYSTEMA: All PIG items with "[SYSTEMA]" in the product title are related to the PIG Brig Plate Carrier and PIG Brig Chest Rig product family. Please refer to the product descriptions for how each respective SYSTEMA product relates to the product family.

The BRIG CR (Chest Rig) was conceived with the PIG Brigandine Plate Carrier as an integrated means of carrying magazines and essential kit without adding needless bulk or tangling with straps. The primary means of marriage to the PIG BRIG is via a velcro interface that securely holds the chest rig and its contents. The G-hook interface mates with the BRIG's button hole array to serve as a redundant fail-safe but does not carry load stress during normal use.

The BRIG CR Features:

  • 3 or 4 mag configuration for use on different size PIG BRIGs.
  • ESSTAC KYWI M4 mag pouches for open top speed with excellent retention.
  • Single column of Molle on both ends small utility or pistol mag pouch.
  • Dual grommets for securing CAT tourniquets or similar.
  • Converts to a stand-alone Chest Rig with the PIG Brig CR Harness (compatible with PIG H-Harness Kit).
  • Flat map/utility pocket in stand-alone CR mode.

The face of the pouches are made of loop velcro so the user can secure the BRIG cummerbund onto the face of the BRIG CR for expedience. Alternately, the BRIG CR can secure over the ends of the BRIG cummerbund, acting as a cummerbund flap (subject to the size of the CR, size of the BRIG and amount of cummerbund available based on the size of the user).

Whether mounted to the PIG BRIG Plate Carrier or used as a stand-alone Chest Rig, the BRIG CR will quickly become one of the most practical pieces of kit you use.

Designed in the St. Louis PIG LAB, and MADE IN THE US of AYEEEEEE!


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    Fits Perfect

    Posted by Tom E on 7th Jan 2018

    I do love the the SYSTEMA allowing you to customize the gear to your needs.

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    Pig brig cr 3

    Posted by Clay on 29th Dec 2017

    Great compact chest rig. The harness shoulder straps could adjust out a little more, but it's no biggie. Very fast shipping. Thanks guy's. Taker easy.

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    Good as any and better than most

    Posted by Back from the 10th Century on 9th Nov 2016

    Great minimalist solution to mating with Paraclete plate carrier. After dropping chest rig one can still have unobtrusive 3 mag carry for weddings and Shura meetings. Or, in a car.

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    Pig Brig Mag Pouch

    Posted by Unknown on 24th Oct 2016

    They are very tight and hold mags really well

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    Just what I was looking For

    Posted by Christopher B on 26th Oct 2015

    I grs@grsriflestocks.comas looking and looking for a simple 3 mag rig for my Ar15, so I could participate in a Defensive Carbine course. I didn't need a full blown combat rig. This rig is just what I was looking for. I still need to wait until the harness is back in stock to complete the rig, but I now have both my Gerber AR multitool and a flashlight holder installed on the Molle, on each side. Very well designed and constructed of quality materials, plus it's made in the USA!

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    Great Product, Very Fast Shipping

    Posted by Timothy Curry on 7th Oct 2015

    I needed the mag carriers for a class I'm taking and didn't have a hope of receiving them in time. What a pleasant surprise! Outstanding service and I will be purchasing again...oh, well, truth be told, I just did. :-)

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    Traded up for the PIG BRIG CR, 4 Mag [SYSTEMA]

    Posted by Darran Jergensen on 7th Oct 2015

    When I ordered the PIG BRIG CR, 3 Mag [SYSTEMA], SKD did not have the harness in the same color. Unfortunately, they did not have a good idea when the harness would be in stock. I ended up returning the product for the PIG BRIG CR, 4 Mag [SYSTEMA] which did have the harness in the same color. Glad I ordered the 4 Mag. I had a different chest rig from another manufacturer but the bungee retaining devices kept fouling my AR and releasing the charging handle. I ordered the PIG BRIG sepcifically because of the retaining devices in the pouch and the ability to add to it over time. Overall, the PIG BRIG is great! The mag retaining devices definitely work and no more fouling of the AR. The one knock on the retaining devices are the outside mag pouches/retainers seem to ride up when you are grabbing those mags. The inside mag pouches/retainers release nicely and the PIG BRIG stays put. The harness could extend down maybe another couple of inches but that is a minor comment.

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    5 stars

    Posted by Jason K on 7th Oct 2015

    Equipment: PIG BRIG has everything I was looking for: Light Minimal EZ-mode Modular Padding and venting where the plates sit Plenty of fuzzy realestate for my cool-guy patches and magazine wells. Shipping/handling: I recieved the items quickly. Items were all in excellent condition. Everything was in it's own protective bag and sorted well.

  • 5

    Posted by michael shoaf on 3rd Apr 2015

    Love the retention