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PIG BRIG CR (Chest Rig), 3 Mag [SYSTEMA]

NOTE ON SYSTEMA: All PIG items with "[SYSTEMA]" in the product title are related to the PIG Brig Plate Carrier and PIG Brig Chest Rig product family. Please refer to the product descriptions for how each respective SYSTEMA product relates to the product family.

The BRIG CR (Chest Rig) was conceived with the PIG Brigandine Plate Carrier as an integrated means of carrying magazines and essential kit without adding needless bulk or tangling with straps. The primary means of marriage to the PIG BRIG is via a velcro interface that securely holds the chest rig and its contents. The G-hook interface mates with the BRIG's button hole array to serve as a redundant fail-safe but does not carry load stress during normal use.

The BRIG CR Features:

  • 3 or 4 mag configuration for use on different size PIG BRIGs.
  • ESSTAC KYWI M4 mag pouches for open top speed with excellent retention.
  • Single column of Molle on both ends small utility or pistol mag pouch.
  • Dual grommets for securing CAT tourniquets or similar.
  • Converts to a stand-alone Chest Rig with the PIG Brig CR Harness (compatible with PIG H-Harness Kit).
  • Flat map/utility pocket in stand-alone CR mode.

The face of the pouches are made of loop velcro so the user can secure the BRIG cummerbund onto the face of the BRIG CR for expedience. Alternately, the BRIG CR can secure over the ends of the BRIG cummerbund, acting as a cummerbund flap (subject to the size of the CR, size of the BRIG and amount of cummerbund available based on the size of the user).

Whether mounted to the PIG BRIG Plate Carrier or used as a stand-alone Chest Rig, the BRIG CR will quickly become one of the most practical pieces of kit you use.

Designed in the St. Louis PIG LAB, and MADE IN THE US of AYEEEEEE!


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    Posted by Joseph Florence on 1st Jan 2015

    it is a well made rig but magazines are gare to get out and it does not adjust enough if you are a big guy.

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    Posted by george v on 28th Sep 2014

    Good product exactly what I was expecting, though for the price I paid including the harness.They could have included the H harness piece this would have been a GREAT BUY!.

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    Exactly what I was looking for....

    Posted by David on 28th Sep 2014

    The Systema 3 is a well made low profile addition to my Pig BRIG plate carrier when I am looking for a lighter weight, bare bones means of keeping my ballistic protection while not needing the full load out of my UCR chest rig. If I have need for my full chest rig then I can just where it over the empty System 3 without any noticeable bulk. Its a win win for my needs!

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    very light

    Posted by Max from Watchmen of America on 30th Jul 2014

    one small issue: Im 6'2", fit, healthy 205lbs. and have the shoulder straps maxed out for length wearing a tee shirt. It fits, though it's going to ride a little high in winter. Definitely light weight, low bulk. Materials seem pretty tough.

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    Everything they said it would be

    Posted by Brad Elkins on 25th Jun 2014

    Ran this rig today at the range, it was great no issues. I will most likely be adding the h harness conversation so I can attach a water bladder. Great product!

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    Not what I hoped for

    Posted by Nose Picker on 2nd Jun 2014

    First off, think SKD is a great company making quality products, with fantastic CS. Originally I had hoped that this system would integrate with my Mayflower LWPC but unlike the other reviewer, the G hooks were too short for ideal placement using Mayflower swiftclip molle loops (and the velcro barely made contact with the loop front of my pc. BUT this system was never intended to work with the Mayflower PC, so you can't knock it for that. As a chest rig, the retention for me was way too tight to use with this lightweight rig. Attempting to pull magazines from this rig was iffy since of the sheer lack of weight. The times I did get it to work and extract "cleanly", I knocked myself good square in the chin. Never knew lightweight could be a problem until using this rig. Maybe others will have better luck with this rig, until then I'll continue using my Mayflower LE/Active shooter rig. I'll leave Kydex retention on my secure belt rigs.

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    Bang for the buck

    Posted by CtSmshr on 29th Mar 2014

    Bad ass rig for the money. I was in need of a micro rig for the range when my full size rig wasn't needed. This is a very slick rig. I put a single pistol KYWI on it and called it a day. Really impressed!

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    Posted by Unknown on 22nd Sep 2013

    Great construction and great retention. Simply awesome! nothing more to say.

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    works great

    Posted by patrick zaledzieski on 21st Jul 2013

    These mag pouches work great for ar mags. They have just enough retention to hold tight but not so much its hard to remove mags fast!