VLTOR - No one can pronounce it, but EVERYONE wants it. From the innovative Vltor Stock selection (Vltor EMod Modstock & Vltor IMod Modstock) to the Vltor Upper & Vltor VIS, the word Vltor has become synonymous with INNOVATION & QUALITY. 

The Vltor Modular Upper Receiver (Vltor MUR) stands atop the parts list as one of the most sought-after M4 Upper Receivers on the market. The Vltor VIS (Versatile Interface Surface) offers the user an un-interrupted handguard top rail, and combines the latest in VLTOR's CNC Machining and stamped metal technology. Vltor Scout Light Mounts, Vltor Compensators and Vltor Sling Plates (SASE) offer the shooter design innovation and functionality that increase User Performance.

Whether or not you can pronounce it, you can still wear the cool Vltor T-shirt or Vltor Hat, and rest confident, knowing that you have the highest quality Stocks and Accessories on your rifle.