Arisaka Defense Low Aimpoint Low Magnifier Mount

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Arisaka Low Magnifier Mount

Magnifier not included

The Patent Pending Arisaka Low Magnifier Mount positions Aimpoint and Eotech magnifiers at a 0.9" optic centerline over the rail. This optic height is useful on rifles with a large drop from the top receiver rail to the comb of the stock, such as the AK family and derivatives, IWI Galil ACE, SAN Swiss SG551/552/553, and B&T APC series.

The Arisaka Low Magnifier uses a unique pivot system which stays securely in place, yet is easy to rotate outwards 90 or 180 degrees. The 180 degree position places the optic well below your view plane, increasing peripheral vision, and providing an unobstructed view for the non-dominant eye of left handed shooters.

The Low Magnifier Mount matches up perfectly with the Arisaka Low Aimpoint Micro Mount, providing a complete magnified red dot solution. The Low Magnifier Mount is also compatible with several other low mounts, such as the Aimpoint 12436 and 12738 standard mounts and Aimpoint 12905 LRP, but the red dot and magnifier may not be perfectly in-line.

The clamping ring diameter for the Aimpoint version is 30mm, allowing use with the Aimpoint 3X-C, 3XMAG, 3XMAG-1, and 6XMAG-1.

The Eotech version is compatible with the Eotech G33, G43, and G45.

Weight without magnifier (Aimpoint): 2.6 oz

Weight without magnifier (Eotech): 2.1 oz

Optic Centerline: 0.9" with Aimpoint Micro T1/T2

Each mount is CNC machined from 6061-T6 and 7075-T6 aluminum and MIL-A-8625 Type III hard coat black anodized. Recommended torque values:

Picatinny clamp - 50 inch lbs (5.7 Nm)

Aimpoint clamping ring - 20 inch lbs

Eotech magnifier to mount screws - 20 inch lbs


Made in the USA.