Blue Force Gear Micro Trauma Kit NOW! Pouch

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Blue Force Gear Micro Trauma Kit NOW! Pouch 

The Micro Trauma Kit NOW!, or Micro TKN, is the smallest version of the Trauma Kit NOW! for every day carry. It is designed to hold essential lifesaving medical supplies on a belt.

The Micro TKN was designed for law enforcement professionals, prepared citizens, to hunters. Deployment of critical first aid supplied can be done with one hand or a single finger from either the left or right side by pulling the BLIP featured pull tabs. The Micro TKN consists of two main components the outer MOLLE or Belt mounted pouch utilizing the Ten-Speed technology, and a removable insert that keeps medical supplies organized.

The front outer pouch features a laser cut medical cross insignia unique to Blue Force Gear. An included blue insert gives a contrasting indication that it is a medical kit or the insert can be removed for a low profile, color matched insignia. Additional colored and glow in the dark inserts can be purchased seperately.

The Micro TKN Belt Pouch is available in two attachment / wear methods.

The "Belt Pouch" version features two adjustable hook and loop tabs that can fit on almost any belts - from every day pants belts to 2" duty belts.

The Belt Pouch version can also be mounted on MOLLE.

This Trauma Kit was designed around a specific medical supply load out specifically designed for small form, low bulk applications.


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    Posted by Jay V on 26th Apr 2022

    This low profile med kit is perfect. It holds what I need and is easy to use.

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    Medical Sleeve

    Posted by Steve on 23rd Nov 2021

    Flush pouch makes it possible to sit down with a duty belt. This is a two piece design, an inner sleeve that wraps around the medical gear and an outer shell that attaches to the belt. Hook and loop keeps the inner sleeve in place. Pull tabs on either side make it simple to remove the sleeve. I managed to get a packet of Quikclot, z-fold gauze, tape, and nitrile gloves in this kit.

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    Micro trauma kit

    Posted by Joe R on 19th Nov 2021

    It is a pretty good piece of gear. It fits well on my Ronin tactical belt and I was able to get an H bandage, and quick clot granules in it. If you use a smaller bandage you will be able to easily fit more stuff in there. Also love the blue reflective field for the cross.

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    Posted by Joe on 14th Jun 2021

    Perfect pouch for a battle belt. Not too big and bulky. Easily holds a Quick Clot Gauze, an Israeli Dressing and some Band-Aids.

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    BFG micro trauma kit now

    Posted by Jeff on 10th May 2021

    Perfect size. I ordered the pouch only and filled it with supplies from my previous ifak. Everything fit and I can still sit comfortably with the kit at the small of my back.

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    BFG Trauma Kit Now!

    Posted by Frank Reffel on 5th May 2021

    Great little piece of gear. Thankfully have not had to use it, but very reassuring to know what I need is accessible if needed from either side. A little hard to stuff into the sleeve but that’s a good thing.

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    Posted by Kutter on 30th Oct 2020

    Excellent compact kit, much improved by loading with components you are comfortable with. I have an H&H Enhanced Pneumothorax Needle on the top loop, and a MARCH Battle Wrap shoehorned in the bottom loop (rinse a 1.5/2L soda bottle, cut it up to get a sheet of plastic approx 3x7" that you can roll up and insert into the loop, and open one end up as a flexible funnel to cram the Battle Wrap into the loop, peel the plastic out when it's in the desired position). In the central loop I have a pair of Hyfin Compact Vented Chest Seals, a MARCH NPA and a Celox Rapid Ribbon. I'll add gloves when they are commonly available again (COVID-19 has made PPE scarce). This all gets vacuum sealed in a small bag to keep it tight, flat, and protected. The foldover loop just has a SWAT TQ. I have 2 loaded kits, one on my plate carrier and another on my assault pack. Small enough to be out of the way for EDC, but do require some getting used to.

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    Great service

    Posted by Jason Porter on 23rd Jun 2020

    Fast delivery, only place I could still find the BFG micro ifak. Loved the sticker they sent with it keep it up.

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    Good quality/ Extremely small

    Posted by Shon Moore on 5th May 2020

    Good quality. Extremely small will only hold very minimal supplies and those supplies have to be compacted very flat and small.