Blue Force Gear Trauma Kit NOW! Pouch with HW Backing

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Blue Force Gear Trauma Kit NOW! Pouch with Helium Whisper Backing

The Trauma Kit NOW! can supplement or replace a typical Individual First Aid Kit. Serving as an essential traumatic first aid kit for the modern warrior that, reminiscent of old warrior movies, screams It's only a flesh wound! The TKN consists of two main components  the outer MOLLE attachable shell featuring our lightweight, durable Helium Whisper backing and the removable inner supply chassis.

The outer pouch is made of durable 500d Codura® with side flaps on the sides to protect the contents on the inside. The pouch is slightly tapered to make for easy removal, despite how full or empty the inner chassis may be. Loop fastener is on the front to secure the top flap attached to the inner chassis. A single column of MOLLE can hold a Helium Whisper pistol pouch for an emergency mag, flashlight, or multi-tool, or our Tourniquet NOW! Strap, keeping all of your medical essentials in one place.

The inner chassis is deployed by pulling the reinforced tab up and out of the outer pouch, unfolding itself making the secured contents easily visible and accessible. A flap on the outer pouch has been eliminated to reduce the possibility of snags when seconds can mean life and death. Six rows of various sized heavy duty elastic neatly hold the Trauma Kit Refill Kit or user determined medical equipment secure to a stiffened back and front sides. Once out of the outer pocket, the top flap of the chassis can be closed and secured with hook and loop points to keep unit closed to pass off or even throw to a teammate in need.


  • Patent pending Helium Whisper attachment system
  • Dimension: 2.5" X 4.5" X 7"
  • Weight: 197g
  • Signature reducing color matched loop field
  • Tapered pouch
  • Single row of MOLLE on top flap


  • TEX 70 bonded nylon thread
  • ULTRAcomp high performance laminate
  • INVISTA® Solution Dyed CORDURA® fabric

As with all Blue Force Gear, it is made with excellence in the USA and carries a limited lifetime warranty.


  • 5
    Good Kit

    Posted by Samual on 20th Mar 2014

    Just the right size - Easily holds: CAT-Compression Bandage-Asherman and Celox Unfortunately it's just too large to fit into cargo pocket of 5.11 uniform trouser.

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    Simple and Effective

    Posted by Michael Flentge on 3rd Feb 2012

    This simple design for a med kit is easily the best IMO on the market. So much so that this is the 3rd one for my shooting equipment and I'm still looking to get some to leave in each of my cars in case of an emergency. If you get the standard re-fill pack of supplies from Blueforce, the only other items I would recommend would be 1)small a small marker 2)Quick Clot Combat Gauze 3) A chest seal and 4)Small medical shears(I think I misspelled that) I think the design is also extremely helpful in that it allows you to pass of the kit to a buddy even if you can not physically be right next to them when they need the supplies, and at the same time keeps all of the contents packaged up nicely. Added to this you can also repackage the kit back into the MOLLE carrier easily.

  • 5
    Very Handy

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Nov 2011

    I can fit all my basic emergency medical supplies and easily access them. I really appreciate how the inner container unfolds and opens up when pulled out.

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    Blue Force Gear Trauma Kit NOW! Review

    Posted by Daniel Christiansen on 14th Jun 2011

    The Blue Force Gear Trauma Kit NOW! pouch is very rugged, easy to deploy, and has plenty of room to hold a good bit of medical supplies in a compact pouch. To Use the Trauma Kit NOW! pouch, just open the flap and pull out the insert in one swift tug. The TKN insert has elastic scuba webbing on the inside of the fold out panel to secure your medical supplies so you have everything you need in one organized piece of kit. My only critique of the product is that when you fully load up the insert with your medical supplies and stuff it back inside the pouch, it can be a little snug at first. Once the pouch stretches a little, it is smooth to deploy. I also highly recommned you buy the optional Tourniquet NOW! add on to hold a second tourniquet on top of the Trauma Kit NOW! lid flap. It allows you to access your tourniquet in seconds when a life is on the line rather than having to dig through your pouch.

  • 5

    Posted by Patrick Egan on 21st Sep 2010

    That about sums it up. The Blue Force Gear Trauma Kit NOW! is an outstanding swift response Trauma Kit that attaches to any MOLLE rig. It fits equally well on a belt or pack. No problems with the attachment velcro, but you could always use malice clips if you wanted. This is really well thought out, a super-fast extraction with alot of room for gear that goes beyond an IFAK. This goes hiking and hunting with me, and gets used in patrol for Officer down response. Easily used with one hand, even when mounted on the back of a belt or towards the outside bottom of a pack. Most recently I used it on my Eagle III-A Assault Pack, a perfect pairing. Super fast, quality item. Highest recommendation.

  • 4

    Posted by James M on 20th Sep 2010

    I love the easy access to all contents. It holds everything I could think of needing. My only complaint (and hence the 4 stars) is that it didn't come with the advertised side pocket for the Benchmade Rescue Hook. However, it was an easy attachment across the top of the pouch, so no worries there. A top notch product!

  • 4
    Best Trauma Kit Layout, Sub-par Attachment

    Posted by Jim Abbott on 10th Sep 2010

    The Blue Force Gear Trauma Kit Now is the best individual trauma kit I have used. The interior layout and ease of access is unmatched. I had to knock a star off of the rating for the attachment system, however. The velcro retaining straps are not secure enough a method of attachment for hard field use.

  • 5

    Posted by Lars Erik Widerøe on 15th Jul 2010

    I've tried lots of med. pouches, and this one beats'em all! I'm impressed how easily it slides out, and back in the pouchcarrier, even when it's stuffed almost too much with med. supplies. I had do do some small modifications to have this pouch to be optimal; Had to cut som holes (for molle) on the side of the pouchcarrier to make room for the pouch for benchmade rescuehook. I've even cut off the elastic band on the pouchcarrier because it was more in the way than it was useful. I also had to spray it in regular OD because of the lack of courant colors for my Contry, Norway. I've bought a touriquet NOW! strap for the top of this pouch. Dont worry for sand/dust/mud etc. because the pouchsystem is not propeply sealed. Every med. supply are as usual propebly sealed itself! :) THIS IS A MUST BUY PRODUCT!

  • 5
    Lives up to its name

    Posted by Jonathan on 29th Jun 2010

    This pouch fills up quickly, but what space it has is used efficiently. Deployment is lightning fast and requires only gross motor skills to execute.