Esstac DST Blow Out Medical Pouch Gen 2

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Esstac DST Blow Out Medical Pouch Gen 2

Designed with ERT/SWAT members in mind, the DS Tactical Blow Out Pouch can be worn on a duty belt (up to 2-1/4″) as well as PALS compatible equipment via MALICE clips.

The tear away pouch holds a CAT Tourniquet on the outside, just under the flap for quick access and accommodates up to a 6″ Israeli bandage inside the pouch as well as other items in the internal mesh pocket.

The pouch features pile tape on the top for Blood Type/Medical Patches.


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    IFAK review

    Posted by Vinny Twotime on 4th Nov 2023

    I bought the pouch for an op and it didn't disappoint. Extremely high quality with good fit and finish. Also has bartac stitching. I was able to fit a pressure bandage, twin pack chest seals, NPA, cravat, mylar blanket, compressed gauze, quickclot, gloves, needle decompression, sharpie, and casualty card inside this IFAK. It had 2 elastic loops for another TQ, but I opted not to run it there. My only gripe is that the zipper is green when it should be coyote to match the pouch. Small complaint, but it bothers the OCD in me.

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    Great Kit

    Posted by Adrian Millis on 26th Jul 2023

    Esstac never fails in their gear SKD is my go to for gear and always ships fast!

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    Posted by Francisco Diaz on 29th Jul 2021

    It’s a little bulky when it’s fully packed but with out a tourniquet on the outside it fits great next to a 2x mag pouch.

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    Med pouch

    Posted by Jim f on 13th Dec 2020

    Looking for and found this one liked it now I have 3. Also use their pistol and ar mag pouch’s recently bought their shooters belt. Great products.

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    A great sized med kit for range day or courses.

    Posted by Jesus Diaz on 17th Aug 2019

    This Blow Out Med kit is great. It gets the job done. Recently used it in a bleedout course with great success. Now that I’ve got organized my way, it’s far mor intuitive than just any old zippered pouch. A great sized med kit for range days or courses. SKD is definitely the place to pick up your gear. Great prices, great customer service, and fast shipping. Customer for life.

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    Awsome Ifak pouch

    Posted by David on 15th Dec 2017

    Top notch quality.The single pouch inside leaves a little to be desired but I was able to cram everything in and seal it up.Or has the ability to be run on a belt or attached with malice clips.SKD is my favorite store for tactical gear.

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    Good to go

    Posted by Unknown on 15th May 2017

    Pricey but worth every penny

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    Esstac DST Blow Out Medical Pouch

    Posted by George on 27th Apr 2017

    Perfect size for a plate carrier or recon vest. It's narrow design works well on a battle belt. It's held snugly by the Velcro and retention strap and ready to go. The elastic bands also work well in holding a tourniquet (depending on style and model).

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    Just what I was looking for

    Posted by Doug O on 6th Jan 2017

    The Esstac blowout medical pouch was exactly what I was looking for to build out a fairly low profile but quickly accessible IFAK. The quality on it like all Esstac products is outstanding, definitely built to last. I added a micro tourniquet to the inside of the pouch and chose to store my standard tourniquet elsewhere. If you strap it to the outside it causes the pouch to stick out too far for my taste but it is an option.