Esstac DST Blow Out Medical Pouch Gen 2

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Esstac DST Blow Out Medical Pouch Gen 2

Designed with ERT/SWAT members in mind, the DS Tactical Blow Out Pouch can be worn on a duty belt (up to 2-1/4″) as well as PALS compatible equipment via MALICE clips.

The tear away pouch holds a CAT Tourniquet on the outside, just under the flap for quick access and accommodates up to a 6″ Israeli bandage inside the pouch as well as other items in the internal mesh pocket.

The pouch features pile tape on the top for Blood Type/Medical Patches.


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    Great blow out kit!!!

    Posted by Joshua Brenneman on 8th Oct 2015

    I purchased this pouch for my pistol belt. I was looking for a slim low profile pouch to hold a basic blow out kit and this pouch delivers! It has a built in pass through that will accommodate up to a 2.5" belt plus it molle compatible if I ever want to move it to a different rig. I particularly like the easy tear off function. I run this at about my 5 o'clock on my belt and it doesn't get in may way or feel bulky. I keep a 6'' Israeli bandage, a quik clot combat gauze, pair of gloves, combat shears inside and a cat tourniquet in the elastic loops on the outside. There is still plenty of room to add more if I want to. If you're looking for a good belt mounted ifak option that won't take up a ton of real-state this pouch will do the job.

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    Posted by Chase Johnson on 8th Oct 2015

    Wanted a pouch for USPSA/IDPA. This pouch does exactly what i want it to do. I wanted something that would work on a 1.5 inch cobra belt and this does that beautifully. I don't even notice that it is there. I would recommend to anyone. Holds a bunch. Even have room for some basic things like travel tylenol and band-aids. AWESOME!!!

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    Great little pouch

    Posted by joshua beard on 28th Sep 2014

    I put this on my pig plate carrier with the following items put in this: outside in the elastic loops is a CAT-tourniquet Inside: Israeli dressing Celox-a 6gram applicator kerlex hyfin chest seal twin pack

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    Esstac DST Med Pouch

    Posted by Unknown on 25th Jun 2014

    If you are worried about room, here is what fits into mine with no problem - 4" Israeli, 1 vacuum packed QuickClot z fold combat gauze, 1 North American Rescue z fold combat gauze, 1 Hyfin chest seal (only 1 of the 2 that come in the twin pack, large ones will not fit unless you fold it, which isn't optimal), 3 ft section of tape, 1 pr of gloves (could maybe fit a 2nd). The CAT fits under the exterior elastic. COMPACT BUT THICK With this set up, the CAT makes its a little thick (think 4 AR mags), but it's a lot of gear packed into a pouch with only a 2 row footprint. Reduce the interior load & the CAT will fit inside to reduce thickness. Shears fit behind the molle. Mounted weakside, no probs with thickness on SW's. Tad bulky for street ops. If front mounted, would definately snag on fences, make hands on situations and going prone difficult. Prefer it over the HSGI b/c of tear way feature, red pull strap (not in pics, but comes on the black pouch), and clamshell design.

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    narrow works for me.

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Jun 2014

    I got it because it was narrow and only took up two columns of molle allowing me to place it on the front of my plate carrier. I do not run my carrier with side panels, and do not like anything on my back. Since it is narrow I am still able to get two additional mag pouches next to it. (I can stack on top of those if needed.) Then red handle is nice to identify it as medical, but not so obvious it stands out from the rest of your gear. Inside I have a 4" trauma bandage, compressed gauze, tape, (3) 4" gauze pads, 3 large bandaids, catheter, and airway tube. I can put a few more items in if needed, but the more you put in, the farther it sticks out in front of you. The CAT tourniquet secures nicely under the bungees as described. The only flaw I found was no way to secure strap flap after tightening. Kinda hangs loose. Could just be taped, but would be nice to have a bungee to secure it to itself. 4 starts only because have not had it in field yet.

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    Best police duty belt mounted IFAK available

    Posted by Danny B. on 20th Mar 2014

    I am a police ofc in CT and have worn this pouch on my duty belt for the last 11 months. It easily contains a Hyfin Chest seal, NPA, SOF-T Wide TQ, QC combat gauze, a 4" trauma dressing, a small role of duct tape and pair of nitrile gloves. Its mounted on my support side, behind my radio, easily accessible with both hands. It extends slightly past my radio with essentially the same footprint (Motorolla MTS2500). After extensive research, this is the best pouch I have found for my kit. Smallest footprint with the minimum IFAK tools, removable from belt with one hand. It has held up very well throughout wear/tear of patrol so far. If you carry a gun for a living, you need an IFAK if not for yourself, for your brother/sister officers. I got this pouch from a competitors' site for the same price, but several co-workers have ordered it from this site and the quality is the same (i.e. excellent.) I mounted the TQ inside the pouch to keep it out of the UV light. Highly recommended.

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    Posted by Adam Procell on 20th Nov 2013

    Light, Quick Detach velcro, and just the right size for my HSGI Mini Drop Leg Panel.

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    Great tear-away basic kit.

    Posted by Big Alz on 10th Jun 2013

    This is a great all-in-1item. It takes up a small amount of space but, it is not a small pouch. It holds your basic blow-out essentials and it can be torn off your rig to access it. It even has a belt loop integrated. It can get bulky and sticks out farther than a double stack mag pouch. It is extremely well made. As a former parachute rigger, I appreciate quality nylon gear. I have already fabricated a few simple attachment set ups to transfer it to packs and vehicles.

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    Solid kit

    Posted by chris mchugh on 20th May 2013

    This pouch is very well made. It holds alot of med gear but is still very small. It does get a little puffy once its full though. Overall the build contruction is top of the line.