Esstac M4 KYWI Triple Mag Pouch- SHORTY

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Esstac M4 KYWI Triple Mag Pouch- SHORTY

Everybody needs at least one immediate reload pouch, and the ESSTAC M4 KYWI- SHORTY is at the top of its class. Measuring only 3.5" tall, the SHORTY leaves a ton of mag to grab while maintaining firm retention, making it ideal for your molle battle belt or plate carrier.

Add to that the fact that the ESSTAC KYWI series is fully depth adjustable, means you can increase the amount of magazine that is protected by the pouch.

The SHORTY can even handle your 20 round mags, and your SureFire 60's. NUFF SAID. Made in USA by the Camano Cave Man and his PacNW sewing crew.

Requires 4 short Malice Clips (not included).


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    Secure and accessible

    Posted by Tim Eldridge on 9th Apr 2018

    Esstac pouches were a new "thing" for me, but I ordered them with the idea it would make mags more accessible when the "shtf". Had two call outs the day after getting them. Held the mags very secure although they are accessible or user friendly. Good Kit.

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    Esstac KYWI triple M4 shorty

    Posted by Adam patterson on 29th Jul 2017

    Awesome product , love my HSGI tacos and still use several HSGI products but the Esstac shorty is the way to go. Fast , secure , low profile. SKD is my go to anytime I need a new piece of gear or replacement. The sell a bag of dicks for crying out loud. Shut up and take my money.

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    Best Magazine Pouch Ever

    Posted by Zachary Jordan on 17th Mar 2017

    I love the shorty I have both but by far shorty is the way to go I will be getting another one for my battle belt great retention and stability. I know they are expensive my eyes hurt after seeing the price but I love them

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    Best Mag Pouch Available

    Posted by John M on 16th Feb 2017

    These in my opinion set the standard for mag pouches. They are more robust than tacos, firmly hold the mag in place and super fast. Of note, GI mags take more force to extract than pmags- not that it really makes a difference in practice.

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    Nice piece of gear

    Posted by Rodney Bacio on 4th Feb 2017

    Appears well constructed and rock solid. I have yet to test it in the field however, I can foresee no reason not to believe all of the positive reviews that lead me to purchase this gear in the first place. I like the shorty, it is a nice compliment to my carrier as I am somewhat of a minimalist. Retention seems nice and positive. Good Stuff!

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    Posted by Mr.Bubbles on 8th Nov 2016

    These things hold your mags like nothing else. They aren't going anywhere without you wanting them too. In fact I'd say they are a little too crazy on the retention side as trying to replace a mag is a chore but perhaps they just need a break in period. The kydex does get chewed up a bit by the mag release cutout when placing the mag in "rounds down" so I sliced the burrs off with a razor and sanded them smooth. I'll probably have to keep that up until they are fully broken in and then perhaps the retention level will be in the Goldilocks zone. I do like it a lot, the only thing keeping it from five stars is the need to shave and sand the kydex, do recommend.

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    Posted by Unknown on 21st Jul 2016

    I originally bought the full height pouch and they were good but hard to get a good grip fast. Having the short mag pouches are the only way to go for getting fast, smooth reloads. I now use the tall pouches to fill the short ones

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    Great pouches

    Posted by Unknown on 29th Feb 2016

    Awesome pouches, holds 30rd pmags easily and securely, but they still come out quickly, would buy again for sure. A little expensive but good

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    Very nice.

    Posted by Andreas C on 21st Dec 2015

    Great quality and solid retention. Nothing complicated or unnecessary, makes for a streamlined setup. Glad I bought this.