Ferro Concepts EDCB2 Belt

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Ferro Concepts EDCB2 Belt

The EDCB2 belt is an everyday belt that is sturdy and rigid enough to mount EDC items such as pistols, magazines, knives, multi-tools etc. without sagging. Constructed from doubled up 1.5" mil-spec webbing with a layer of high-density polyethylene sandwiched in between. Equipped with a tried and true 1" Cobra buckle which allows for quick donning and doffing, yet is still capable of fitting through most civilian pant belt loops with greater ease. Please refer to the sizing diagram photo.

ATTENTION: These come in NON-STANDARD waist sizes. Size is measured by BELT LENGTH.

FOR BEST FIT: Measure your current belt from the buckle to the hole you wear your belt on. Match this size to one of our sizes to ensure you get the correct fit. 

Size Chart:

  • Small 30" - 36"
  • Medium 34" - 40"
  • Large 38" - 44"
  • X-Large 42" - 46"

  • Made in the USA
  • Berry Compliant


  • 3
    Good belt but not for a weapon

    Posted by Utahgeoff on 27th Jul 2017

    Originally I really liked this belt. The buckle is a size that fits through loops and it's a lot more comfortable than my previous blackhawk belt. However, I've been wearing this belt for about 6 months and its flaws are starting to show through. When drawing my weapon from IWB, the holster has started to come out with my firearm. I attribute it to the belt being 1.5" but the stiffener is only 1" in the center and the edges aren't rigid enough for the clip to grab onto. I won't wear it any more because I can't trust that it will do it's job when needed. If Ferro makes an updated version with a stiffener that goes all the way to the edge I would give it a shot.

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    Decent belt, not quite what I hoped

    Posted by Michael on 27th Apr 2017

    I really like the fact that the buckle is small enough to fit through belt loops and the manner in which the belt adjusts is nice. I had really hoped that the belt would be stiffer since its advertised as an EDC belt and the description states it has a polyethylene core. Its not bad but a Glock 19 and spare mag push the limits of what it will comfortably support without adjusting it tighter than I normally would.

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    Ferro concepts belt

    Posted by ERNESTO OCHOA on 9th Mar 2017

    Awesome product at decent price.

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    This thing is AWESOME

    Posted by GS on 2nd Mar 2017

    Love this belt! I find that if you orient the thicker side of the belt with the Velcro on your typical carry side (the belt is asymmetrical), it's great for carrying sub compact and mid-sized handguns in a good holster. I don't know how well it would do for a full size gun, but it's also not a heavy duty belt to begin with so I wouldn't expect it to. I'm seriously considering getting rid of all my other light and mid duty belts and just using this thing, or at least getting a second one so I can leave one set up for carry and the other just to have a perfectly sized casual belt. The only thing holding me back from getting another is the price...it's steep but I'm guessing warranted due to the buckle technology. I don't think I'll be able to resist when another SKD sale comes along though ;-)

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    Ferro Nelt Lopro

    Posted by Dave Andrews on 2nd Feb 2017

    I am a firefighter at a Busy station. We run over 4500 calls a year. Ranging from EMS, car wrecks, fires, car fires, rescues and extremely random emergencies. It requires us to maintain a veriaty of uniforms. This belt is low profile enough to fit under my bunker pants and strong enough to tie off to something for an American style exfil or any sort of Ultra heroic rescue!!

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    Outstanding EDC Belt

    Posted by browcs on 13th Jan 2017

    I bought this belt in Multicam since I had no other Multicam belts. I'm glad I did it since it has now become my "go to" belt. My duty load-out during the week consists of a Glock 23 with a Surefire (SF) X300U attached, OWB kydex holster, two Glock 22 magazines, handcuffs, HSGI Taco pouches for the magazines and handcuffs, and SF 6P flashlight in a Blade Tech kydex pouch. The EDCB2 belt has not sagged at all under that heavyish load. As previously stated, the buckle is small enough to pass through most of my pants loops. I have to undo the belt to allow one of my holsters to loop through the belt but that's due to the construction of the holster: it has belt loops cut into the holster body. This belt passes through other OWB kydex holsters with regular 1.5" loops I own without having to undo the buckle. Another thing I love is that, unlike my other belts, this one is not overly stiff increasing its comfort. Bravo Ferro Concepts...this belt is a winner.

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    EDC winner

    Posted by James Drouin on 11th Jan 2017

    I've tested quite a few belts and this one stands above the crowd. Works great for IWB carry. Haven't tried OWB carry. Sizing is on point. Minimalist, durable, and my girlfriend loves how easy the cobra buckle is to use.

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    Nice EDC belt

    Posted by Possum on 25th Dec 2016

    The belt is awesome, the buckle will fit through any pants I own plus hold up a G19, extra mag, plus a 6p w/combat ring I carry everyday! It's not like some of the others** a belt can be too stiff*** this one is perfect, price and function is hard to find! Dealing with SKD is great as well... Free sticker and FAST test every time. Buy the damn belt!