Ferro Concepts The Bison Belt

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Ferro Concepts The Bison Belt

Two features not synonymous with the traditional battle belt: lightweight and low profile. We set out to develop a belt constructed with those elements in mind and sacrifice nothing along the way. Designed for and in collaboration with special operations and law enforcement professionals, the Bison belt is the next evolution in battle belt design.

To provide optimal gear stabilization, we utilized a single layer of laser-cut thermoplastic as the framework. This technology reduces overall weight and thickness drastically but retains better rigidity than traditional methods. Integrated through the entire core of the belt is continuous 1” tubular webbing from buckle to buckle for strength. Lightweight webbing was selected for reduced overall bulk and ease of installing MOLLE compatible products.

For reliable fastening, the Bison Belt is equipped with a tried and true D-Ring Cobra® buckle. The inside of the belt is lined with hook Velcro for quick and secure don/doff capability with the included inner pant belt which completes the Bison Belt system.


  • Low profile
  • Lightweight
  • MOLLE compatible
  • Hook and Loop VELCRO® attachment system
  • 2” height outer belt, 1.5” height inner belt
  • MOLLE compatible
  • D-ring Cobra® Buckle
  • Made in the USA
  • Berry / Trade Act Compliant
  • Weight of X-Large: 8 OZ


The Bison Belt has a critical design that is intended for proper use when carrying out technical operations. This carefully designed and engineered product is not to be used with a harness of any sort or for the action of restraint or rappelling. Ferro Concepts Inc. assumes no liability associated with the misuse of this product. The loss, damages, or expenses of any kind arising out of the use or misuse of this product reflects zero liability towards Ferro Concepts Inc. The misuse of these belts could cause serious injuries or death.


  • 5
    Bison Yo!

    Posted by Jaime on 20th Feb 2023

    This is a pretty solid belt, I was hesitant to get it because of the exposed thermoplastic. Once I got the belt I found that I was measured for an XL but it was to big and I was actually fit for a Large. That problem was fixed super fast with SKD being responsive fast AF! The belt is durable, lightweight, very modular to keep up with the end users needs. I definitely recommend it.

  • 5

    Posted by William on 1st Feb 2023

    The small just fits on a 30- 31 inch waist. Great overall quality. Glad I spent the money on it.

  • 5
    Ferro Concepts Bison Belt

    Posted by Wilson on 26th Jun 2022

    The Bison belt is hands down the best battle belt I have ever used. I have had 5 other belts from Ronin Tactics to the G-Code assaulter belt and none of them have been as rigid when worn but still comfortable enough to wear while in a patrol vehicle for an entire shift without causing pain or problems. I have had no issues with it digging into my waist or sides and the pouches and tools I have attached, all stayed exactly where I want them (most pouches were attached with WTF straps). The Tegris material allows the belt to he extremely stiff when worn but is still pliable enough to warp around without being uncomfortable. This allows the weight of what you have on it to not feel as heavy as it actually is and makes it easy to carry for lengthy periods of time. I would absolutely recommend this to people to in a professional capacity as well as for civilian applications as I use mine for both work and fun.

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    Wonderful belt

    Posted by Korey on 10th May 2022

    This belt has become my favorite belt for duty. The belt had held up to the expectations that Ferro Concepts is known for. The sizing is perfect for me (32x32 pants are what I wear) and I bought the medium. The only con I can think of the the inner belt, which is a little lackluster. I got a different belt which is a good suggestion.

  • 5
    Best Bolt on the Market!!!

    Posted by Nicholas Miller on 7th Apr 2022

    I have used multiple gunfighter belt and the Bison is the best quality that holds up to the any mission field you have (Military/LE). Super comfortable to wear and easy in add any equipment you need. All my next belts will be Bison Belt!

  • 5

    Posted by Hunter reyna on 17th Oct 2021

    Good stuff

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    Bison Belt

    Posted by Matt on 17th Aug 2021

    I love the way the belt looks and feels, holds up very well fully loaded. It's crazy how low profile this belt is compared to most other belts on the market. The only problem I have with it is the sizing, which could be my fault in the measuring. My combat pants I wear it with are too big for me without a belt, and that may be why my sizing was a bit off. I wear a size 32 pants, and decided to go for a medium because I was just in between sizes small and medium according to the size chart. If you are like me and are in between sizes, I would recommend sizing down, not up. The medium just barely fits me, and I have to rely on the inner belt being extremely tight to hold it up for long periods of time. I might get a thicker inner belt to solve this issue, but it does work for me the way I have it set up.

  • 3
    Bison Belt

    Posted by Patrick Ferretti on 25th Jun 2021

    Well made belt but sizing guide is off. Also the inner belt is too narrow to support the outer belt with a load.

  • 5
    I love it

    Posted by Ryan on 26th Apr 2021

    I waited a long while to get a hold of this, hasn’t disappointed me, very light weight, low vis for the most part, Molle and laser cut is wonderful.