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Ferro Concepts - The Slickster

The newest generation of the Slickster has been designed as a multi-mission plate carrier for Law Enforcement and Military professionals. It is the base platform for our new ADAPT Carrier System and is scaleable and customizable with the continually expanding line of ADAPT accessories. From low visibility security and clandestine operations, to high threat direct action missions, the Slickster can easily and quickly be adapted to suit your requirements through the use of ADAPT accessories. Simple, low profile and thought out design. Everything you need, nothing you don't.


  • Carry Elastic Cummerbund (CEC) that can accommodate 5.56 and 7.62 magazines, smoke, flashbang, radio, tourniquet and others (4 cells on each side). Adjustable with hook and loop front and rear.
  • Loop Velcro on the chest and back allow for call-sign patches to be added.
  • Laminated shoulder straps which are fully adjustable into the rear plate bag to fit all sizes. Loop velcro on bottom of straps for comfort in low visibility and ADAPT shoulder pads.
  • Laser cut slots on laminated chest to attach ADAPT flaps as well as most chest rigs using ITW QASM buckles (sold separately)
  • Laser cut slots located at the bottom of front and rear plate bags to attach tourniquets and other accessories.
  • Mesh lined plate bags to maximize comfort and breathability.
  • Includes shoulder strap adjustment tool which, although not necessary for adjustment, helps aid in quick sizing.
  • Weighing in at only 402g
  • The Slickster fits SAPI, ESAPI, XSAPI, standalone level 4, swimmer cut and shooter cut armor plates. Chassis is sized by plate: (Medium plate = Medium Slickster) (10x12 Plate = Medium Slickster) Large Slickster Plate Pocket Max = 10.5"x13.5".
  • Manufactured in the United States with USA mil-spec materials.

For plate carrier fitting advice: How to Choose the Right Size Plate Carrier



  • 5
    Top quality

    Posted by Antonio Barraza on 6th Dec 2021

    This is the most versatile slickster on the market with so many options for attachments to adjust to the type of work you do. Military, law enforcement or first responders. Ferro concepts got you covered. go to youtube and see for yourself what this bad boy can do.

  • 5
    Slickster Plate Carrier

    Posted by HandyManFran on 23rd Sep 2021

    This product is a pretty dope minimalist plate carrier. Good for working out, training and larping around the house in my $189 digital camo tech briefs until SHTF and you really gotta use it for its intended purpose. Only downside is the cummerbund or maybe not. For most of cheeseburger eating America you wrap that cumberbund around your side abs it’s gonna make you have that beautiful hourglass shape you always wanted with your internet girlfriend or you gonna be looking like a Pillsbury doughboy with your muffins exploding at the seams. Other than that it’s beautiful purpose made carrier.

  • 5
    Ferro Slingster

    Posted by Matt K on 3rd Sep 2021

    Excellent product and value. I own 4 and use them on my work and personal rifles. Simple to use and rock solid

  • 5
    Great product as expected

    Posted by Ed on 7th Aug 2021

    The Slickster from Ferro Concepts is a great carrier. The materials used and craftsmanship are as expected from Ferro Concepts, good to go. SKD makes ordering quick and easy.

  • 5
    The slickster

    Posted by A man with plates on 2nd Jul 2021

    Light weight, fast to put on, and excellent build quality. It allows you to scale up for your needs. If your looking to load yourself down with gear, I’d look elsewhere. If you just need plates, tourniquet, an additional mag, this is the carrier for you.

  • 5
    Expectations met

    Posted by Ed on 27th Jun 2021

    The Slickster is a great carrier. Quality craftsmanship along with responsive and quick service and shipping by SKD.

  • 5

    Posted by Brandon on 25th May 2020

    I bought my first plate carrier from those guys with long lead times in 2019. I spent hours trying to get it to fit properly and wore out most of the velcro. I was never really happy with it so I settled on Ferro Concepts. I ordered may 21 and recieved it may 25! I was able to get it snug and perfectly adjusted in less than 10 minutes! Great quality, holds steel and hesco plates snug. Very comfortable for a minimalist civi setup.

  • 5
    Just buy it.

    Posted by Mike on 25th May 2020

    This carrier even with steel plates makes it feel like you’re not even wearing armor. I put 4.5lb ceramic plates in and it’s much more comfortable than my normal soft armor police vest. The add ons for the slickster add up quick but the quality, functionality, and comfort is worth it. SKD shipped my order out an hour after I checks out, blown away by such an awesome customer experience even during this “pandemic”.

  • 5
    It’s Slick

    Posted by Unknown on 26th Apr 2020

    So far so good. Super comfortable. Great fit. Holds plates.