FirstSpear Missing Link™

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FirstSpear Missing Link™

A FirstSpear™ solution to an ongoing User equipment challenge.

Previously, pockets had to be built with a different attachment system to make them work on a belt vs. a vest or other platform; the Missing Link™ allows you to use a standard MOLLE attaching strap and attach it directly to your AGB.

With the Missing Link™, there is no sloppy interface or shift in the position of your pockets.

Will work with other MOLLE style pockets or belts not made by FirstSpear™.


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    Fast shipping, NO-BS

    Posted by CamoChicken9 on 19th Feb 2020

    You want it, order it, pay money and SKD gets it to you immediately, no screwing around!

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    great service

    Posted by James Henry on 10th Feb 2020

    Some of the most expedient service for gear on the web.

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    Interesting concept

    Posted by Aahhron on 29th Apr 2019

    Used to turned my molle pouches into belt mounted pouches. This with the esstac kydex loops worked great. I feel the esstac kydex loops are more rigid and more reliable than sewn paracord to velcro section( missing links) Buttttttt the hook loop on the missing link mates to my inner belt (both scorpion and hogue idpa/ipsc belt) to keep it all in place. Overall pleased. Bought 2 orders, so a total of 12 individual pieces.

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    Great idea!

    Posted by Marc Jensen on 18th Nov 2017

    Allows the secure use of MOLLE pouches on your duty/rigger belt; a must for that favorite MOLLE pouch.

  • 3
    Good but not great

    Posted by Eric on 14th Oct 2017

    I bought these hoping they would solve the issue with using them on a 2" belt. They do work, but the pouch is positioned away from the belt instead of being snug against it.

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    Don't need no scrub

    Posted by Ryan E on 24th Oct 2016

    Sure you can mount molle pouches to a belt, but this feels so right.

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    Good place to do business with

    Posted by E on 8th Jun 2016

    Excellent experience- good products, fast shipping

  • 5

    Posted by Luke Johnson on 11th Mar 2013

    first spear is excellent and identifying problems and finding solutions. it may not seem like much but sometimes it's the small things in life.

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    Useful, Quality Product

    Posted by Warren on 26th Jan 2013

    I've used these to bring some molle pouches out of retirement. They handle Malice clips on TACOs fine. I would suggest a belt with internal loop velcro to keep them in place.