MultiMag Rapid-Adjust™ Pocket

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MultiMag Rapid-Adjust™ Pocket

Introducing the MultiMag Rapid-Adjust Pocket. Featuring patented adjustment and retention hardware the operator can quickly adjust their pocket to fit a wide range of firearm magazines and other similar sized items.

Designed to run right out of the box with no inserts required and mag retention is dialed in by the user. Removeable pull tab and bungee kit are sold separately. Optional speed reload inserts are also sold separately to fit two pistol mags or single M4.

6/9™ Modular Pocket Technology
Developed specifically for those Users who have not yet adopted FirstSpear 6/12™ platforms, the 6/9™ Modular Pocket Technology is not only completely backward compatible with legacy MOLLE/PALS style load carriage or armor carrier platforms but also offers significant weight reduction over traditional MOLLE/PALS pockets. Due to the flexible nature of the attachment straps and tighter tolerances when compared to traditional MOLLE/PALS, 6/9™ pockets actually mount closer to the body and conform tighter to the platform


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    Nice but more LEO/range than MIL

    Posted by Max on 9th Aug 2022

    Great quality and feel, works as advertised. It drew a interested look from my range instructor. However, mind you - this is a niche product - looks very refined and not ready to have a real beating. If you need it to carry things in a relatively controlled environment, it's a great alternative to TACOs and their zillion of cords. If you need if for military action - I'm not sure it'll survive a month in the dirt

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    Multimag (6/9 attachment)

    Posted by Brandon on 2nd Feb 2022

    Truly a piece of kit! I've use a many of mag pouch and this design is as sweet as it comes. Holds everything from a mag to a radio to a cell phone to a bottle of water. Really did knock it out of the park with this one. I honestly bought these as a temporary until I got everything together to upgrade my strandhogg with a axl placard kit but I honestly think these are staying. I personally got the 6/9 attachment because I own a USMC gen3 PC as well and I may want to use these mag pouches on it or one of my other carriers. I have not tried the 6/12 attachment system yet however I do have some stuff on the way with it. Final opinion on these multimag pouches, WORTH THE MONEY ALL DAY LONG! SKD had and to my knowledge still has the best deal on these and they are the newer ones that are better made with the matching coyote boa dial. Oo-rah FIRST SPEAR and SKD!

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    Rapid adjust Multi-mag

    Posted by Unknown on 7th Jun 2020

    So far so good. I've used it for about a week or so. I continually switch from 556 mag to 308 mag on my belt in the pouch depending on my assignment. The rapid adjust is easy to utilize. 556 mag(steel/smooth insert and removal ) but my 308 mags(P-mags) because of the grooves on the the sides do snag up a little bit sometimes. I will hopefully be testing at the range soon. Ill update once i have.

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    Better than a Taco

    Posted by Evan Graham on 21st Apr 2020

    When i heard of these sometime after considering on going down the 6/12 route, i knew these pouches should be what i should run in that future, fast forward to that future, these are quicker to adjust than Tacos, and you can turn a rifle mag pouch into a pistol mag pouch Only problem i can see is them being 6/12 exclusive, but that's not their problem, that's your problem for not going with the mounting system of the future, lol

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    Doesnt like pmags

    Posted by max on 7th Jun 2018

    stitching, build quality, and materials are top notch as you'd expect from first spear. However, the addition of hypalon material to the interior of the pouch makes it pretty sticky to polymer mags like the pmag, 308 pmag, and g36 mags. As well, the stitching around the mouth of the pouch snags on the gen m3's over insertion tabs like no tomorrow.May begrudgingly spend more money on the kydex inserts for each system that first spear sells separately because its pretty useless on anything other than steel mags..... Esstac kywi inserts don't work with these either. The belt mount that's integrated into the pouch really makes it flop when mounted to a molle belt. kinda disappointed overall hoping for a pouch to run 74's, ar, G36, ar308, and mp5 with little complication but alas the hope for that wonder pouch continues...

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    Versatile & effective... and you pay for it

    Posted by Jay on 17th May 2018

    Functionally, love this mag pouch. Can hold inserts for P320 mags, & removed to house AR mags ad hoc. Can be quickly & easily adjusted for tension, tight or loose. Has FirstSpear's 6/9 retention slots for mounting itself and whatever else you may need on the exterior. However, since it's FirstSpear... you definitely pay for features -- expensive compared to alternatives like G-Code's Scorpion Soft-Shells. But you'll find it much more difficult to hold your smartphone in those vs. the MultiMag, not to mention other ad hoc uses improvising for competition, or simply convenience & utility... that's why I haven't docked it a star for price, esp w/ SKD's speedy shipping. I'll be getting another for my other battle belt, if that's any indication of worth to me. ;)

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    Awesome, just adjust tension down for pmags

    Posted by Unknown on 13th May 2018

    Got these for 3-gun; holds USGI mags and pmags fine, for those who may have trouble running and gunning with fully-loaded pmags, just adjust the tension a touch looser -- the pmag's ridges + MultiMag's interior grip material, will hold the weight w/o compromising retention. Obviously, cinch them tighter with USGIs... Best thing, when I'm at a normal range day w/o my AR, just my P320... the MultiMag cinches down far enough to hold my smartphone, then adjusts in seconds for mags again. May get another one with the polymer pistol mag inserts and ditch my tacos, as mag height in those are adjustable for competition and I like the attachment better.

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    Awesome idea but with one problem.

    Posted by Matt on 17th Jan 2018

    Bought these to use on an adaptable pc. They are awesome, low profile, good looking pouches with one downside. When using magpul AR pmags, the ridges of the pmags get stuck on the inside of the pouches. I tried grinding down the ridges but the mags still get stuck half the time. I havent tried lancers or any other upgraded mags but keep this in mind. Regular slick slide AR mags work fine. Glock mags, tq's, cuffs, flashlights, etc fit fine. Just something to keep in mind.

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    Posted by Joseph on 6th Jan 2018

    Everything you would ecxpect from a first class company like First Spear.