Magpul® 762 Magpul (3 Pack)

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Magpul 762 Magpul (3 Pack)

Developed by a Recon Marine, the Magpul cleverly addresses the difficulty involved with grasping magazines from duty/issue pouches without fumbling for a grip. No more para-cord through the bottom which can rip out the floorplate. No more messy 100 mile tape on the outside of the mag body which leaves residue. For around $3ea, you can have extremely quick access to your magazine, even when it is sandwiched between other mags in a tight pouch. The Magpul's one piece rubber construction also protects your expensive magazines from getting banged up when dropped on concrete.

Optimize that tac or speed reload with Magpul!

  • Durable thermoplastic loop with recessed rough gripping surface.
  • Quick and easy installation and removal.
  • Patended design based upon the tried and true para-cord loops and duct-tape tabs currently in use with special warfare units worldwide.

Made in U.S.A


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    Magpul 762

    Posted by Colin S on 22nd Dec 2022

    I purchased this item for my AK magazines. I purchased two 3 packs and so far they work great. They fit nice and remain attached while using my AK. It also helps with magazines changes, as the loop feature assists in handling. I highly recommend this product.

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    Magpul rules

    Posted by Phil on 21st Jul 2017

    Buy these. Just do it! They're excellent and I normally don't spend money on things like this. Make sure you put them in a bowl of water and microwave them for 2 minutes-makes putting them on SO much easier.

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    The you can do for a M1/M14

    Posted by GS on 14th Feb 2017

    I don't think anyone is making M1/M14 mag floor plate pulls so these are still the gold standard.

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    7.62 mag baseplate pull

    Posted by Peter Wichman on 27th Jan 2015

    Great product that enhances the reliability of a speedy reload. Even a fumbled reload can look good with this accessory. Due to the necessary tight fit, please advise customers to place the pull in the sun prior to stretching it over the bottom of the magazine. This makes for less of a struggle and less finger exercise. Excellent product and timely service from SKD.

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    7.62 Magpuls

    Posted by Magoo on 17th Jan 2014

    Hard to install. Harder than the 5.56 or the 9MM Magpuls. They had to be worked, coaxed and bribed gently over a long period of time onto the DPMS magazines I had. Once on, I won't take them off, for fear of never being able to get them off again. Other than that, I'll give the same review I gave the 5.56 Magpuls: Rubber magazine Magpuls, what Magpul was founded on, and what they make very well. There is really not very much to say about the product, except that you may have to check your magazine pouches for clearance once they are installed, other than that, they are an excellent product: help with magazine changes and also decrease magazine damage from resting and/or drops.

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    762 Magpul

    Posted by Kevin Umali on 20th Jun 2012

    The Magpuls were great and offer good protection for the magazine when you drop them on the ground. The only thing I would complain about would be they are incredibly hard to put on.

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    Fits Surefire 60 round mag

    Posted by NotCrazy7.62 on 18th Apr 2012

    I got one to mount on my Surefire 60 round mag, it fit well but haven't used it much yet. I like that it does a good job protecting the sharper bottom edges on the large Surefire mag.

  • 5

    Posted by vass on 2nd Feb 2012

    These things are great, and believe it or not still legal in the people's republic of New Jersey ;p Fast shipping, will buy from SKD again.

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    magpul 7.62 magpul

    Posted by ROBIN FAIRBURN on 16th Dec 2011

    Magpul has answered the call of the 7.62 RIFLEMAN