PIG 1" Web Pigtail for Drop-Slider Sling

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PIG 1" Web Pigtail for Drop-Slider Sling

The new PIG Drop-Slider Sling is a culmination of years of shooter experience and input, that helps maximize the strengths of the single-point design, while eliminating it's critical weakness- the transition of your carbine or SMG to your center line. Other single-point sling designs hang your primary weapon directly in the way of your knees, impeding mobility, and in some instances striking the operator's groin. The only way to prevent this with traditional designs is to completely rotate the main sling body, which requires a deliberate and long pulling motion.

Enter the PIG Drop-Slider Sling, which has a short "Pigtail" that attaches to the body of the sling with a metal rectangular ring, allowing full speed transitions to deposit your primary firearm to the lowest point in the loop- which is on your side, and NOT in your way.

Both the Mk-1 and Mk-2 (bungee version) offer you a host of unique features and options.

  • Lightweight 1" webbing minimizes bulk while retaining strength and function.
  • Tubular nylon "Pad" enhances comfort while reducing bulk and stiffness.
  • Emergency release buckle that disengages the sling loop so the operator can get in an out in a hurry.
  • Choice of 3 different "Pigtails" for attaching to weapon (available separately).
  • Pigtails allows for modularity and gives a secondary release capability.
  • Made in USA!

To order the PIG Drop-Slider Sling, select the Pigtail attachment of your choice. Each Pigtail offers a different attachment mode, and features a side release buckle for quick and easy removal of the host weapon from the sling body. This setup also allows you to keep several different firearms setup with Pigtails that can easily be clipped into Drop-Slider bodies. You can have one Drop-Slider body configured for use over light clothing and another for use over heavy body armor, and a host of clip-in weapon systems via an array of multiple Pigtails.

Made with the finest materials and workmanship for PIG by First Spear, the beauty of this sling lies in its sheer effectiveness, affordability and simplicity. If your tired old single-point sling is ready to go, upgrade to the best single-point sling on the market- the PIG Drop-Slider!


  • 5
    It is exactly what it says

    Posted by Simon Henry on 6th Mar 2018

  • 5
    web pigtail

    Posted by SCOTT on 10th Nov 2013

    Love my PIG single pt drop slider ... got a couple of spare pig-tails to put on a Rem. 870 & another AR

  • 5

    Posted by Garrett K on 10th Jun 2013

    Great quality Just like every pig product. Only single point ill buy. Have one on my mossberg 500 and my M1a socom II. Top notch

  • 4
    good, but..

    Posted by Unknown on 27th Dec 2012

    Needs more padding

  • 2
    Title doesn't show what it works with

    Posted by Eric Pugh on 23rd Nov 2012

    I purchased these two items to work together. Once I attached one to my tactical vest, I found that the part for my M4 would not attach to the PIG. The two FASTEX buckles do not match up and therefor are worthless together. The difference in size of the FASTEX buckles is so small that it simply seems like it was done to make you purchase more of your product. I have never had a Black Hawk product not interchange with another product in their line to make an item work in a field environment.

  • 5
    Solution to side buckle for single point sling.

    Posted by Holiday on 31st Oct 2012

    Attached this to the loop attachment point on my ACE Collapsible stock and the male end, side release buckle fit the female buckle on my BDS Tac single point sling perfectly. Super secure and super versatile. HSLD

  • 5
    Works Great

    Posted by John on 5th Jul 2012

    I bought this to replace my Pig QD Sling Swivel mount which unfortunately does not fit my Rock River Arms CAR Stock. Recommended.

  • 5
    great accessory

    Posted by Scott P on 12th Dec 2011

    works great w/ GG&G single pt adapter for Rem. 870 ( esp. with short LOP stock )

  • 5
    PIG 1" Slider

    Posted by Joe Kim on 30th Jun 2011

    Great for prepping additional weapons for the same sling. Well thought out. Great Product!