PIG CR-UTV-MS Upgrade Straps

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PIG CR-UTV-MS Upgrade Straps

Chest Rig Not Included.

The people have spoken. PIG has acted. We're proud to present to you the PIG CR-UTV Upgrade Straps. If you are one of the thousands of Eagle CR-UTV Universal Chest Rig (SKD, SKD All-Molle and standard version) users, and have longed for a non-padded strap with hydration and commo line keepers that is also upgradable to an H-Harness configuration, then BOOM. MADE IN AMERICA. THAT JUST HAPPENED.

For H-Harness configuration, PIG CR H-Harness Kit must be purchased separately.


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    Pig upgrade straps CR UTV MS

    Posted by Carlos Anca on 5th Jul 2023

    The best upgrade to the classic and highly regarded SKD universal chest rig.

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    PIG CR-UTV-MS Upgrade Straps

    Posted by Ed M on 21st Dec 2015

    I purchased these thinking they were required in order to use the PIG CR H-Harness with my new PIG UCR chest rig. As it turns out, these are very similar to the straps already included with the chest harness. The only difference is these upgrade straps do not have the Velcro on the underside of the strap (padding???) like the ones that came with the harness. It was not clear on the website so I ordered them anyway. Three stars because of that. Otherwise, the upgrade straps are well made but call SKD before you order these. I didn't......my bad!

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    Excellent kit, one thing to be aware of...

    Posted by Chris F. on 13th Dec 2013

    As mentioned by many others this is a MUST upgrade for the Eagle Industries chest rig. One thing to be aware of though is that there is a compatibility issue with the OLDER Eagle rigs. However this can be easily overcome with a couple of buckles and a some skill with a needle and thread! Honestly, I took the old padded straps and cut the bottom unpadded section, leaving enough strap that I could sew a female buckle to it. I then sew a male buckle to the cut end of the loose strap. This will accommodate the new straps as well as letting you be able to use the old straps still.

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    Posted by Ajm Santos on 10th Oct 2013

    Definitely a must improvement for Eagle Rigs...once again very practical with the extra loops for other useful pouches or gear...no padding needed...ANOTHER AWESOME GEAR SKD!...Thanks.

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    Not needed

    Posted by E Clark on 16th Nov 2012

    I got PIG UCR and upgraded to H harness. This item was not needed

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    PIG H-harness for Eagle Universal SKD version

    Posted by a tactical police officer on 7th Nov 2012

    I attached to my Eagle Universal SKD version 556 chest rig. I wear the rig over heavy police tactical armor. The thinner straps (as compared to the padded original straps) lay flatter on the armor shoulders, and do not get twisted on the rear neck yoke. I recommend these upgrade straps to anyone wearing over heavy armor.

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    great product

    Posted by Roob on 2nd Aug 2012

    love the PIG straps for my Eagle UCR, very well made and easy to wear under backpack straps.

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    PIG CR-UTV-MS Upgrade Straps

    Posted by Adam Pittman on 31st Jul 2012

    The straps are way better then the old padded one the only down side is they are shorter in lenght then the orginal straps

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    made a good product better

    Posted by Ed on 14th Jun 2012

    perfect upgrade. The straps do not interfere/bulk up when I slide them over armor. I like the H config over the X config so I am happier now.