PIG (FDT) Cold Weather Glove

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PIG Full Dexterity Tactical (FDT) Cold Weather Glove

PIG FDT Glove Sizing Chart

The ALL-NEW PIG FDT Cold Weather Glove (CWG) finally brings PIG's unsurpassed dexterity to a wind-resistant insulated glove.

Maintaining the PIG-FDT line-up's short cuff design, the ALL-NEW CWG includes:

  • Touch Screen Compatibility (all 5 digits)
  • Grippy Silicon-print palm
  • Terry cloth nose-wipe.

When the temperatures drop, transition from your current FDT Gloves to the ALL-NEW WARMNESS that is the PIG FDT Cold Weather Glove!




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    PIG FDT Cold weather gloves

    Posted by C.H. on 11th Jan 2022

    The best tactical cold weather glove I've found. Gloves in general are not very good at keeping my hands warm and still be able to have good dexterity. These bridge the gap rather nicely.

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    Posted by MATTHEW on 1st Jan 2022

    Personal Opinion: I'm enjoying the fit of my glove. Depending on the time and surfaces I touch, I would/will have more opinion about its reliability. I would harden the fingertips. Be cautious wet conditions e.g. fit, dry time, odor.

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    Buy These

    Posted by Ben on 31st Dec 2021

    Need gloves for winter or cold environments? Buy these. They are very snug - by design, as description says - but if you like other PIG gloves, these must be on your list. I live in the Northeast, tested in January (15-20 degrees F) at the range, mag changes, slide release on pistol/rifle were easy to manipulate. Will be buying a second pair at some point in another color (black look great).

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    Cold Capable Gloves

    Posted by Robert Dunn on 24th Dec 2021

    I had gotten these for a mix between dexterity and handling rough weather while on an electric bike through the snow and slush, where I need a mixture of grip and dexterity while also maintaining warmth. I say "capable" because once you hit 20F/-6.7C temps or lower it will be a bit cooler to your hands. For me, riding at ~30mph in wind chill with these is do-able in the short range but I wouldn't want to take them beyond 5 miles at that speed on a bike in those cold conditions, you definitely start to have pings of pain as frost kicks in. I didn't test with any hand warmers of any type, so this is raw feeling of glove and nothing else. Shame that they're aren't quite as resistant as I was hoping for, but I'd still use them for sure on a regular walk in lower temps. If you plan to go out and wander on foot, you'll be set. Massachusetts weather tested.

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    They work

    Posted by Jay on 18th Dec 2021

    No dexterity lost. I’ve ran alpha and alpha +. Dexterity remains great, the fingers fit on like little condoms. Ran them down to about -10 Celsius and pretty stagnant, no issues. Fairly resistant to water but I haven’t exposed them to rain, only snow.

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    FDT cold weather gloves

    Posted by Joseph Ginther on 15th Dec 2021

    Best gloves ive found to keep my hands warm while at the same time giving amazing dexterity to manipulate my gear.

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    Great winter gloves

    Posted by Mark on 13th Dec 2021

    These gloves are perfect for winter weather while still offering great warmth for your hands. Took them to the range and had no issues shooting with them on or manipulating my rifle or pistol. Highly recommend these gloves, especially if you are a fan of the original pig gloves.

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    FDT cold weather glove

    Posted by Nelson on 13th Dec 2021

    Awesome gloves, super happy with them. 4 stars because they do seem to run a little small, and when working if I have my finger on the my lower receiver for long enough the cold does transfer into my finger and it gets quite cold. That being said, they did still keep my hands warm when they got wet on me a couple times, which I was not expecting.

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    Excellent Cold Weather Gloves

    Posted by Sam on 23rd Nov 2021

    Fits like a glove, keeps hands warm, and not too bulky for a cold weather glove.