PIG gRUNT Modular Pack [SYSTEMA]

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PIG gRUNT Modular Pack [SYSTEMA]

NOTE ON SYSTEMA: All PIG items with "[SYSTEMA]" in the product title are related to the PIG Brig Plate Carrier and PIG Brig Chest Rig product family. Please refer to the product descriptions for how each respective SYSTEMA product relates to the product family.

The PIG gRUNT Modular Pack is sized for light and essential load carriage. The gRUNT is made to fit most Plate Carriers without excess length. The gRUNT features an inner hydration pouch with ambidextrous port, an outer zipper pouch, and a velcro-closure finger tip stash.

By merely adding the PIG MK-1 Shoulder Straps, the gRUNT also transforms into light day pack. For a complete ensemble, you can add the PIG AFC Pontoon Set for additional padding, and the PIG RUNT Frame Sheet for heavier items that need additional support. The Pontoons simply velcro onto the gRUNT, and the RUNT Frame Sheet stays secured in the hydration sleeve with a Velcro One-Wrap stay.

As part of the new [SYSTEMA] family of product, the gRUNT also integrates directly with the PIG BRIG CR (Chest Rig) via the PIG BRIG CR-LB (Load Bearing) Harness. Direct Molle interface is achieved via 2 Long and 2 Short Malice Clips, which are included.

PIG gRUNT Modular Pack Specs:

Designed in the St. Louis PIG LAB, the PIG gRUNT and all accessories are proudly MADE IN THE USA.


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    Even better than expected

    Posted by KO on 8th Oct 2015

    As I have come to expect, this PIG product is excellent. That much I knew even before I bought it. But what I was unsure of and what I thought might be some useful information to share here is the sizing. In the product photos, the gRUNT appears to be narrower and taller than the rear panel of the plate carrier with which it is pictured. As I own a PIG PC, I can plainly see that the plate carrier in these photos is the PIG. I wanted to advise any future shoppers that these photos are misleading. The gRUNT is actually even better suited to pair with the PIG PC than these photos would have you believe. It is the absolute perfect size to pair with the back panel. Those who have experienced the annoyance of a PC-mounted pack hanging down below their back plate will be glad to hear that it does not. The width is also excellent. Add a couple compression straps and you have yourself a perfectly adaptable pack that has just the right footprint. Wanted to share that. Thanks.

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    Posted by Jason Thomas on 28th Sep 2014

    Fits perfectly on my PIG plate carrier. Holds the OMEGA 3L hydration bladder perfectly. Great craftsmanship like all other SKD products.

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    Pig Grunt Modular Pack

    Posted by Kevin Allman on 30th Jul 2014

    This is a great pack but a little small for what I wanted. Will be exchanging for the Grunt large. Attaching lower straps is a bit confusing since current straps are not ones shown in video.

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    Versatile, Perfect Size

    Posted by David S on 25th Jun 2014

    This pack is extremely durable, versatile and customizable. Whether you want a stand alone bag or attach it to your kit, this is want you want. I used it everyday and on every mission for nine months. Absolutely perfect, even now as I use it for my gym bag or when i go to work.

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    Had one, bought another for my gilfriend!

    Posted by GW Smith on 26th Mar 2014

    I grabbed one of these last spring in order to attach something to my PC and be able to detach it for day trips, trips to the rqange, etc. I love it- does everything I need for kayaking, shooting, hiking, or just sightseeing. Let my GF borrow it for a trip and she was hooked as well. comfortable, easy to on/doff to armor or straps (once you watch the video on how to do it right; a manual or printed instruction would be useful because if you don't strap it right, it will fall off under normal use and the difference between wrong and right is subtle enough to miss) and holds everything you need/has enough molle to attach additional pockets as required.

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    EXCELLENT pack!

    Posted by Adam N. on 18th Oct 2013

    I use the gRUNT mod pack as part of my airsoft loadout (I know, snicker snicker), and let me tell you... this pack has endured some hell! Diving for cover, sliding on my back down rock embankments... not one tear. Material seems to be high quality. This pack also holds a lot more than it looks. I use a 3L Osprey Hydraulics bladder with it, which is a tight squeeze... but it works. Zippers have generous pulls, easy for my teammates to negitiate at a moment's notice.

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    Another Excellent Piece of the SYSTEMA Collection

    Posted by Ryan Richardson on 21st Aug 2013

    I purchased this as a part of the PIG gRUNT SYSTEMA Plate Carrier setup for my deployment to AFG. Since my OPTEMPO changed, I loaned this pack to one of our Bn Snipers. He LOVED it! He carried it loaded with 2 60mm rounds, 300 rds of 7.62, 1 MRE contents & snacks, 1 2L CamelBack reservoir (filled, of course), 4 40mm HEDP rounds, and a few other odds & ends on every OTW mission. He stated "This was better and more comfortable than any of my issue s!#t or anything else I've bought". He loved how well it snugged up to his plate carrier using the shoulder straps. There have been no rips, tears, or breakage of any components in it's use. Again, SKD has designed & built a piece of equipment that my fellow grunts & I can rely on. With the pontoons, I will be using this on my bowhunting trips when I get back CONUS. You will not regret your purchase. Thanks, SKD!

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    Best. Pack. Ever.

    Posted by Jamie on 18th Feb 2013

    It's not a full-sized pack, and it's not a mini-pack like a medkit, or admin pouch. It's a perfectly sized pack for carrying stuff for a day hike, carrying ear/eye protection for two people and extra bullets and magazines to the range (in my case), AND it has the capability of carrying a hydration pack. I personally don't have one of those yet, but I have the capability. The Mk.1 straps and the "pontoons" are absolutely worth it. I don't see that any extra pads are necessary, because they make the whole thing comfortable regardless of what is inside. The frame plate is good if you have a hydration pack, so it separates the liquid from your body-heat. I would recommend the PIG Sternum strap as a very useful add-on here, because it makes it more solid for when you're running or moving around in nonstandard ways. You're not always going to be walking in a straight line without any pace change. I love this pack!

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    Great bag

    Posted by Jon on 6th Jan 2013

    This is a great bag to carry needed items, and shoot off of.