PIG Hydration Carrier, 3L [SYSTEMA]

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PIG Hydration Carrier (3L) [SYSTEMA]

NOTE ON SYSTEMA: All PIG items with "[SYSTEMA]" in the product title are related to the PIG Brig Plate Carrier and PIG Brig Chest Rig product family. Please refer to the product descriptions for how each respective SYSTEMA product relates to the product family.

Designed for the Source WXP 3L Hydration Bladder, the PIG Hydration Carrier (3L) offers innovations that will increase performance while minimizing bulk and weight. The wide-profile mouth offers easy access to your hydration bladder for refilling and maintenance. A 4" elastic band adds compression to the bottom of the bladder which serves to counteract the "fat belly" effect as the bladder empties. The bottom of the back panel is made of mesh, to aid in drainage and evaporation of condensation. Hydration ports are in the top corners, allowing directional routing to either shoulder. A 3" x 6" Velcro Molle section allows for identification and morale patches.

As part of the new [SYSTEMA] family of product, this Hydration Carrier not only works with the PIG MK-1 Shoulder Straps, but integrates directly with the PIG BRIG CR (Chest Rig) via the PIG Brig CR-LB (Load Bearing) Harness. Direct Molle interface is achieved via 2 Long and 2 Short Malice Clips, which are included.

Weighing in at only 7 ounces, the PIG Hydration Carrier (3L) doesn't make carrying water any harder than it should be. 8.4 grams of sex-appeal have been manufactured into each carrier, making this one of the best looking pieces of kit you will attach to your host molle platform.

*Bladder pictured is NOT included with this carrier and must be purchased separately.

  • Dimensions: 15" x 7" x 2"
  • Made in the USA


  • 4
    Quality piece of kit

    Posted by Unknown on 24th Oct 2017

    PIG makes quality stuff. This Hydration carrier isn't any different. I purchased a Source Hydration bladder with it and it fits well. The carrier is made from quality materials and the weight is very reasonable. It is pretty low profile when attached to your kit, but it is a bit long for my kit and body type (5'08"). It hangs down below my plates a couple inches and rubs against my IFAK on my belt, but not bad enough to be a problem. I think I should have purchased a 2L carrier. It could be improved with a pocket or two built in but it does what it's supposed to do. I use it for SWAT operations on a somewhat busy regional team. I would recommend this product.

  • 5
    Who knew... this carrier would be...

    Posted by M.D. on 15th Oct 2017

    ... on the frontline of righteousness. France has remained in a national "state of emergency" since their Paris terror attacks in 2015. Security and police/military patrols are present (in unison) at all major tourist sites. Tourists must pass through screenings (bag/clothing checks/metal detectors). Upon reaching the Eiffel Tower's screening checkpoint, I saw/heard a young Islamic (Francophone) security guard harassing/speaking ill of English speaking tourists entering his checkpoint. Upon reaching him, he searched my pocket contents and jacket. He returned them to me and asked me if I was "Am_ricain". I replied, "Yes" and presented him with my SKD hydration carrier adorned with a Modern Arms "blood red" Crusader Cross overlaid with battleworn Crusader helm. In turn, he launched into a tirade of French expletives/insults. His supervisor overheard him and removed him from his post. My SKD P.I.G. 3L (Systema) hydration carrier... who would have known its power...

  • 5
    Solid piece of kit

    Posted by R.B. on 15th Oct 2017

    Skd has hands down no nonsense gear and shipping, availability and customer service are bar none....

  • 5
    Excellent and good size

    Posted by adam austin on 4th Jun 2017

    Perfect size for any plate carrier​ or chest rig. I bought mine for the PIG SYSTEMA Brigandine minimalist carrier.

  • 5

    Posted by Michael Barineau on 8th Oct 2015

    If you are like me and always thirsty (for females and beverages) then you need a good hydration system. This carrier is perfect regardless of bladder size you decide to put into it. The elastic band encompasses the bottom and keeps you from getting a reverse pot belly look on your plate carrier and also keeps the weight high on your shoulders. Makes packs more comfortable as well and not sitting retarded on your back. Though it hangs a bit lower in the plate carrier it does not interfere with any thing on my belt. This item is an excellent addition.

  • 5
    Light / Well designed

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Apr 2015

    Light weight... designed to drain and let debris fall out... nicely laid out to support any drink tube location.

  • 5
    Streamlined to near perfection.

    Posted by M.D. on 1st Jan 2015

    Very content with having purchased, and since used, this hydration carrier. I was looking for a streamlined carrier and this one delivered. Be aware, one must purchase the P.I.G. MK-1 shoulder straps separately if they wish to shoulder mount this carrier alone. Also, I wish more stand alone hydration carriers offered a zippered/as curable exterior storage pocket (for small items such as keys/a cell phone) as this one doesn't offer one either.

  • 5
    Thank you for fixing the problems with hydration

    Posted by Corey Truitt on 28th Sep 2014

    This hydration carrier is great ... Finally all little. Bull Sh*t problems have been fixed. No more saggy sack when drink some water ... And it's streamlined and fits perfectly on my plate carriers no extra baggage great for vehicle ops

  • 5
    Great design

    Posted by Jay S. on 28th Sep 2014

    Love this carrier. Prolly the best design I've tried out for hydro carriers. I've tried the razor, several different camelbaks and this is my pick!