PIG MOLLE Side Plate Carrier Set (MSPC)

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PIG MOLLE Side Plate Carrier (MSPC)

The MSPC (MOLLE Side Plate Carrier) is the most versatile side plate carriage option available today, allowing for all three common side plate sizes (6"x6", 6"x8", 7"x8") with or without soft armor backers.

The fold-over wings secure the plate left-right-top-bottom for a custom fit while keeping bulk to an absolute minimum due to the thinness of Onewrap (6"x6" plates require the accessory strap kit). The modular Malice Clip interface allows for the widest range of placement with either short or long Malice clips (sold separately). The front MOLLE flap securely locks the wings in place and features elastic along the top edge to allow for the additional width of a soft armor backer. Being a surface mounted Side Plate application, the MSPC will always keep the plate where it belongs- in front of soft armor where applicable.

If you've been having trouble finding a side plate carriage solution for your side plates, look no further as the MSPC's universal sizing will keep your sides protected no matter what side plates you have to use.

Made in the US of AYE.

Each set contains 2 carriers. Wurd.



  • 5
    Side plate taco

    Posted by Dylan L on 4th Jul 2016

    Very nice product. A little expensive, but there is no product like it that will hug a 6x8 plate. Worth the price.

  • 5
    Unique product

    Posted by Ian B on 4th Jul 2016

    Haven't found another side plate carrier that fits as wide a variety as this one. Quality construction, as well.

  • 5
    Most Universal side plate carriers ever made

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Jan 2016

    These are beyond any shadow of doubt the best designed side plate carriers ever conceived. They work with all 3 common side plate sizes and fit inside or outside the cummerbund with lots of adjustment due to the full length of loops top to bottom. A shout out once again to the crew at SKDTAC who are not only efficient, but actually take the time to read the instructions you give them. A lot of shops would do way better if they would follow the lead of SKD in how they conduct business. This was my second purchase with them, but they now have a lifelong customer and advocate.

  • 5
    Well made piece of kit

    Posted by White Devil on 21st Dec 2015

    Excellent, durable, well thought out piece of gear. Plates fit perfectly. Looked so good on my plate carrier that I had to chase the ladies off with a stick.

  • 5
    It holds your plates.

    Posted by Michael Barineau on 8th Oct 2015

    Nothing better than an item that does what it's advertised to do. These hold your plates snug and secure. Ones size pretty much fits all with the correct parts of course. I would still suggest putting a firm backing material into your cumberbun just for adding support for any kit on the side.

  • 5
    Great idea!

    Posted by RJ on 8th Oct 2015

    The multi-use approach was great idea. The ability to compliment different size plates and not have any wiggle room makes it great. The MOLLE attachments also make it very versatile with different vests. It was the only one of its kind that I could find with this much adaptability and fit. Solid piece of gear.

  • 5
    Side plate carrier

    Posted by Unknown on 1st Jan 2015

    Another swell product from the SKD Tactical gang. Holds the side rifle plates securely.

  • 5
    Should come standard

    Posted by Unknown on 28th Sep 2014

    Works. Excellent Quality.

  • 5
    perfect carrier, perfect service!

    Posted by A. Dimitropoulos on 28th Sep 2014

    The carriers are of great quality and great design as they can accommodate various plate sizes. Exactly what I was looking for. And once again great shopping/shipping experience. Received the plates 3 days after ordering delivered to Switzerland from the US. 50 bucks for the shipping but as explained lightning fast. Anytime again!