PIG Runt Urban Pack

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PIG Runt Urban Pack

Introducing the "Prequel" to the PIG gRUNT Modular Pack, the PIG Runt Pack is finally hitting the streets to bridge the gap between your tacticool gear and your everyday items. Sporting a minimalist footprint designed around everyday gear, the PIG Runt will handle items such as an 11” Macbook Air (or similar) or a 10” x 12” Shooter Cut plate. The clean and simple tri-panel design takes cues from a military issue Special Operations pack that shares the same designer. Created as a black backpack, the PIG Runt Pack has contrasting center panel options in Multicam, Woodland and Grey.

The primary feature of the PIG Runt Pack is the padded electronics sleeve which will comfortably hold tablets and most of the new crop of small lightweight laptops, such as the Macbook Air 11". The electronics sleeve is lined with loop velcro to allow for the securing of a velcro holster for concealed carry. The interior front wall of the PIG Runt Pack features two mesh zippered pockets with high visibility backing to aid in the identification of contents. The PIG Runt Pack also allows for the addition of the Runt frame sheet for additional rigidity as needed. The large zippered pocket on the exterior face of the pack is large enough for a windbreaker or light rain jacket, and also features a secret stash pouch above the zipper.

The PIG Runt Pack also features two accessory pockets accessible by hook and loop closure flaps, that has elastic keepers for the organization of items such as pens, sharpies, chemlights, flashlights, cigars, etc... and each pocket can also hold a 20 rd M4 magazine. The exterior is also accented by a 3/4" webbing piece for securing carabiners or other items to the pack. The stretch elastic water bottle holders secure up to a 3/4 liter water bottle or everyday disposable water bottles, and features an easy to grip Hypalon pull tab for ease of insertion.

The back of the PIG Runt Pack features the signature PIG dual airflow pontoon design as pioneered on the original PIG Plate Carrier. The pontoons and the interior of the should straps are lined with Drilex that offers both good grip and quick drying capabilities. The carry handle is folded 3/4" webbing for a very clean look while maintaining a ton of stremf. The shoulder straps feature slots for the addition of the PIG Sternum Strap, and 3/4" ITW side release buckles for quick release capability. The loose ends of the strap feature elastic loops for excess webbing management. All metallic zipper pulls on the sliders have been replaced with double knotted paracord for a silenced pull tab. Finally, each PIG Runt Pack sports a black on black metallic PIG logo which is subdued on right panel clean and covert look.

As with all PIG nylon gear, the PIG Runt Pack is proudly Designed and Made in USA.


  • Small EDC pack
  • Hipster camo profile that doesn't scream tactical
  • 470 cubic inches
  • Fits tablet or 11" notebook in loop-lined padded sleeve
  • Hidden/Dedicated Soft Armor compartmen
  • Made in USA

Protection Add on:

  • Point Blank Level IIA Soft Armor Insert (Body Armor paperwork exempt) - Not included
    • Discreet lightweight protection from all NIJ Level IIA threats, making the Runt Pack the perfect EDC carry solution with hidden ballistic protection.


  • 5
    5-star EDC

    Posted by Unknown on 22nd Jun 2020

    Among the best gear I’ve ever purchased. Started with a 3-day bag, which I still use, but found this smaller bag suits my needs better for daily use. I’ve had it for 5 years now, straight black color, and just a little wear on the logo. Bag has been all over Colombia with me on government service, then to graduate school, and now commutes with me daily to the office.

  • 5
    Mighty Mouse pack

    Posted by The Boss on 27th Jul 2019

    I bought this backpack over three years ago now as an “everyday” type of bag and have used it to carry a laptop, gym clothes and other personal stuff on a daily basis to an from work. It is a small bag, I was a little surprised at how small it was at first, but it first everything I need. The reason I give it such a high rating despite the smaller size is how durable it is. My bag, after having been carried daily for years, taken on several flights and used as a gym bag, looks almost exactly like it did when I got it. No rips, broken zippers or even discoloration. Velcro works like the day I got it and the elastic in the two side water bottle pouches isn’t stretched out even though I carry a larger Nakhon bottle in them daily. There are a couple nice extra features too like a built in padded laptop sleeve. This is a buy one and done bag, just make sure it’s what you want from a size perspective.

  • 5
    Small, but surprisingly roomy

    Posted by Jack on 10th Feb 2019

    Yes, this is a very small pack. Yes you will be laughed at by five year olds with their Dora the Explorer backpacks. But, if you are looking for a small day hiking pack, a small pack to keep in your car as an escape kit, or you don't need that much everyday carry gear on you, this pack is perfect. I'm still able to put a 32 ounce Nalgene with a cook set, small basic first aid kit and some small EDC items in the pack and carry it comfortably. I currently keep one in my car as a small get home bag, but if you are planning on carrying everything with the kitchen sink, go for something bigger. A great bag, very well-constructed.

  • 2
    Too small

    Posted by Unknown on 10th Jun 2018

    Thought it was a bigger pack. Too small for my needs.

  • 3
    Excellent but slightly dainty...

    Posted by Nate G. on 27th Apr 2017

    The SKD quality and design is excellent as usual but this bag is surprisingly small. I even watched an SKD YouTube showcase video and still didn't realize how small it was. Regardless, I plan on keeping it but I feel like I need to keep it stuffed so it looks a little more substantial. I guess that's why they named it the "Runt" after all.

  • 3
    Good quality, way too expensive

    Posted by Policeman on 2nd Feb 2017

    This thing is made very well but it is literally the size of a child's backpack. Like their first backpack ever for kindergarten. I read other reviews saying it was small but i didn't think it would be that small. My wife laughed when I first took it out of the box. Carrying my every day items it is packed full. The style, pockets, and quality is great but for how much it costs it wasn't worth it for me. That's a lot of money for a child's backpack.

  • 5
    Great Pack

    Posted by Kawika T on 14th Jan 2017

    Very nice material and construction. Didn't see any crooked or loose stitching. Smaller than I expected, but it's perfect for carrying only what you need when you're walking around the city. I just throw a couple things I may need in it commuting to work.

  • 5
    Titty city

    Posted by Niko on 14th Jan 2017

    RUNT!!! Holy hell not kidding. But for anyone who's been military, you'll know the bigger the bag, the more Shit you carry. This bag, overnight, became my go to for everything as a day pack. Perfect for riding the motorcycle, going to the gym, carrying my tablet and all my daily EDC essentials. But it's not so big it's cumbersom. Unless you put steel plates in, it will be very functional. As always PIG is amazing gear and I'm sure this bag will stand the test of time and hard use

  • 5
    Man-purse Perfection

    Posted by JK on 29th Nov 2016

    Just big enough to carry your EDC stuff and nothing else. Kind of like the bag my wife carries for her "EDC" stuff. Did you know that a 18650 battery is roughly the same size and shape as a tampon?