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Ready Tactical Holster

Ready Tactical Holsters are hand-made, one at a time by Chris Stewart. The kydex patterns are cut, heated and molded individually on actual guns, to achieve an optimal fit. The generous sight channel allows for easy clearance for even the largest of front sights. The speed cut over the ejection port allows for quick rotation in your draw stroke as you present onto your target. The retention screws are tastefully capped to reduce exposure to elements and grime, and hide any metallic glint.

Several National champions use Ready Tactical products day in and day out. These holsters are without a doubt among the finest OWB holsters available, and are suitable for both work and play.


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    Fast and secure holster

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Jun 2011

    Great holster. Open slide for longer slides/barrels are needed and can be tightened up enough that I can shake the gun in the holster upside down as hard as I can and the gun will not come out, and yet when it is on my belt it will give up the gun, every time. Also holds the gun close to your body.

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    Great Product!

    Posted by John Henrichsen on 30th Jun 2011

    I run this holster for 3 gun comps with a Glock 34. Retains the pistol well, and drawstroke is very smooth and fast. I like the ride height and the fact that the tension is user adjustable. Materials and workmanship is great, this is a good looking holster.

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    SKD ReadyTac Glock 34 holster

    Posted by MARK P. on 30th Jun 2011

    I bought this holster for my Glock 34 to be used in the occasional match. The ride height is almost perfect and retention is easily adjusted if I decide to wear it on the street concealed. It fits my 1.5" wilderness belt perfectly, and the loops have a space to interlace thru a pants loop. Well made, it also works well with a G17. ReadyTac is good stuff!

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    Great quality! Good retention

    Posted by Unknown on 22nd Jun 2011

    I bought this for a glock 34, and so far it is working Great! The quality is top notch, The integral belt loops are solid, and the adjustable retention is awesome. I was used to a dropped and offset rig, and was a little concerned that I wouldn't like the positioning, but it sits just fine. Drawing feels natural, and the speed cut on the front really helps for a quick presentation. I would not hesitate in the least getting another one for a different platform.

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    One of the Best All Around Holsters

    Posted by James Daniels on 15th Jun 2011

    I have used Chris Stewart's holsters for years they are superior to all others in my opinion. They are not affected by heat, cold or the elements as other holsters are and the are all hand made and fitted so they work. I have shot these in competition for several years in IDPA and USPSA they are simply the best.

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    Excellent holster, fast shipping

    Posted by Unknown on 6th Mar 2011

    Ready Tac makes an excellent product. Just as fast as KyTac (you won't notice the difference) and faster than Comp-Tac or Blade-Tech. Not as elegantly finished as KyTac, but the performance is equal. As another reviewer mentioned, you may have to do a bit of adjustment out of the box- my spacers were also too wide and needed to be trimmed. Once everything is set up properly, it's a secure, comfortable, very fast holster. HUGE front sight channel. Of course everyone wants a KyTac, but the Ready Tac holster performs equally well and there's no ridiculous lead time. Ideal holster for IDPA or concealed carry. As usual, SKD shipping is hassle-free and very quick. Not enough good things to say about this company, except I wish they carried more products!

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    Good for range use

    Posted by BOB on 7th Oct 2010

    The holster arrived in quite possibly record time. The holster needed some 'tweaking' to be ready for use. The tension screws were all the way out, and the spacers seemed far too large. After cutting one spacer in half and using one half per screw I was able to tighten the holster down enough for my liking. The kydex quality is more than acceptable, and it holds my S&W M&P9mmC very well. I've used it as a range holster, and had zero problems. My wife uses it in her purse where we have attached velcro to the beltloop side of the holster and purse interior and after loosening the tension just a bit, it worked perfectly. Good Holster for 60 bucks.

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    more than "ready" tactical holster

    Posted by John on 24th Jun 2010

    no buyer remorse here. only wish i had found this holster a long time ago and it would have me countless dollars spent on the other holsters collecting dust. exceptionally high quality and incredible design/function...

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    Ready Tactical Holster

    Posted by Jeff on 13th Jun 2010

    This is a great product and like a glove. Got it for M&P 9 Pro 5" Perfect for 3 gun tactical match I shoot,IDPA and USPSA match. Also for daily carry. Great Holster!!! Now gotta get one for M&P 9 FS.