SKD Belt Claw IWB-1 Holster

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SKD Belt Claw IWB-1 Holster

by Joe
SKD Belt Claw Holster IWB-1 - This holster was specifically designed for everyday carry, and carries the pistol at a slight forward cant and higher on the belt than most IWB holsters to aid in concealment. I use this on a daily basis, and the ease with which it mounts on and off make it as convenient as a paddle holster, without the unnecessary bulk. I've never had this holster come off of my 1.5" belt in hundreds of draws in training and dry-fire. It is perfectly suited for small of back carry as well as appendix carry. View More SKD Staff Picks

Featuring a curved "Belt Claw" that was designed by SKD, these hand-made Kydex holsters from Ready Tactical allow for paddle-like convenience with belt loop stability and comfort. Easy-on and off while remaining rock-solid during the draw, the Belt Claw also features a sweat guard that helps to guide the pistol back when reholstering. Retention can be adjusted via 2 adjustment screws that allow the professional user to find that perfect sweet spot between access and security. Perfect for Strong-side or Appendix Carry.

*J-Frame .38 Belt Claw will fit J-Frame 5 shot revolvers chambered for .38 Special, such as the 442, 637 & 642. They will not fit J-Frame 5 shot revolvers chambered for .357 Magnum, such as the 340.


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    One Holster To Rule Them All

    Posted by Claymore on 8th Nov 2015

    For those looking for a convenient EDC holster, look no further. This thing combines the concealment of an IWB holster with the convenience of a paddle holster. Need to go to the bank of a government building? Simply remove the whole rig and skip the draw/clearing process. When you're done, slip it back in your pants. It stays put during the draw sequence, and being made of Kydex/Boltron, etc it stays open for a clean, safe return to the holster. The only qualm I have about it is that the butt of my Glock 17 sticks out a bit too far when carried behind the kidney (roughly the 4-5 o'clock positon). Carrying it in the standard 3 o'clock seems to be better for the full-size pistol. My 19 vanishes no matter where I wear it with this rig and I can use the same holster for both pistols. Will definitely be picking up a dedicated G26 holster and will start wishing for a model that fits the G43.

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    Great value

    Posted by MARK SPIRES on 8th Oct 2015

    This holster works great, is comfortable and the price was right.

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    SKD Belt Claw for Glock 26

    Posted by Mike S. on 19th Jul 2013

    I really like the design of the holster part. It's very streamlined and makes it very easy to put on and take off. Very low profile and well made. The belt claw is, in my opinion, the weak link. It tends to slide around on my belt (usually a rigger belt) and sometimes the claw can lose its grip entirely. If I could make a design suggestion, it would be to have the claw go between the pants and the belt, and then make the claw more aggressive by adding an upward lip. Something that would really lock it in there.

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    SKD IWB Holster

    Posted by Josh on 7th May 2013

    Holster is well made of nice thick kydex, finished well with no sharp edges. Fits my belt well and is secure. Would be a 5 star review except for the fact that the Holster does not fit with Crimson Trace Laser Grips installed, this only affects LH holsters.

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    Clip broken after about a year in service.

    Posted by Tim T on 3rd Apr 2013

    I bought this holster a while ago and it held up pretty well until the belt clip finally snapped off in my hand right before I had to head out the door. I always figured it would be inevitable considering kydex isn't build to be bent and rebent daily as a belt clip. Luckily I had a spare holster lying around, but it sucks to lose your favorite one to breakage. I switched to a Remora IWB holster that doesn't require clips to avoid this problem in the future. So far so good. The only other issue I had with the holster over the years was the tension screws loosening up over time and threatening to fall out. I never lost them, but I could see it happening if you don't keep up with them.

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    SKD Belt Claw IWB

    Posted by JReyes on 1st Apr 2013

    Holster holds the pistol well but I feel that the belt attachment was cheap and bulky. It was very loose and can slide around . Also the claw is on the outside of the belt loops which means it may be suspicious. Also with a belt inside the "claw" loop there is a lot of extra space.... that is you can probably still 2 leather belts through which I'm not a fan of. On the plus side the holster is easy to attach and remove, And retention is pretty good for not being adjustable.

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    Posted by Unknown on 31st Jan 2013

    I was recommended this Holster by a buddy. I am very satisfied with it and believe many others will be to.

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    Good Retention, Solid Platform

    Posted by Unknown on 21st Jan 2013

    I bought this holster 3 years ago for my duty weapon, a Sig P229. I've taken it on three overseas deployments and it's become one of those kit items I can count on. Although the Sig's center of gravity shifts to the grip when fully loaded in the holster, this holster really hugs my waist when worn with a quality belt. To echo previous posts, the weapon does print somewhat under a regular sized shirt, so you have to slide it around the hip to determine the best position. Aside from retention when running, the next best aspect of this platform has to be the claw attachment which allows me to remove the holster without removing my belt. VERY important during QRF response and drills. Thanks for a great product with proven durability!

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    Good for its uses.

    Posted by Daniel L. on 12th Sep 2012

    I bought this because sometimes I end up in very wet areas and I'm not big on the idea of immersing the leather part of my MTAC in swamp water. This holster seems to work well but it does hold the pistol *very* high and tends to print a bit. Not my biggest concern but something to be aware of if you're buying it as your one and only concealment holster.