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Modular Holster Adapter Leg Strap Kit

The Modular Holster Adapter Leg Strap Kit includes everything necessary to outfit your MHA with a thigh strap. Leg straps first saw widespread use with early American open-top, western style holsters during the later 1800’s and continued to gain popularity during the 20th century. These early straps usually took the form of a simple leather or cord tie down, and eventually evolved into the wider webbing type straps popularized by the British SAS holsters developed during the 1970’s. The remaining two decades of the twentieth century witnessed marginal improvements and design variations of tactical holsters, as militaries reluctantly abandoned antiqued leather designs. Leg strap conversions for the US military issued UM-84/M12 holsters appeared sometime during the late 1980’s/early 1990’s, and the commercial market began to introduce nylon drop leg holsters utilizing two leg straps. During the early years of the GWOT, nearly every drop leg holster on the battlefield featured two leg straps, with many shooters choosing to remove the top strap completely do to chaffing and comfort issues. Today, the majority of Americas top shooters choose to run a mid-ride level of drop for their holster, just slightly below the belt line. This has been found to be the ideal location for the pistol to clear body armor and vest mounted pouches. Although some shooters have turned away from leg straps completely, there are still many that prefer the added stability and reduced movement of their holster by utilizing a leg strap.

The Modular Holster Adapter Leg Strap Kit attaches directly onto the True North Concepts MHA, and for the first time in the history of holsters allows the shooter to choose the height where the leg strap sits. By attaching the specialty leg strap bracket onto the MHA, the leg strap will sit below the botton edge of the MHA, flush with the bottom of the MHA, or lightly above.  Finally, the shooter can choose the best position for their individual body size and comfort, custom tailoring their setup to their specific needs. Each Leg strap kit includes the specialty bracket designed for the MHA, all necessary attachment hardware, and 1″ wide milspec nylon/elastic leg strap featuring a quick detach Fastex buckle. The minimalistic leg strap provides a generous amount of flexibility and it is recommended that the user try out several height adjustments to see which is most ideal, before securing the hardware with thread locker. The Leg Strap Kit’s specialty bracket is designed to fit a wide array of legs straps, and is cross compatible with wider, thicker straps such as those from Safariland, Blackhawk, Ronin Tactics, etc.


  • High Strength Polymer Multi-positional attachment Bracket 
  • Adjustable 36″ long mil-w-5664 type 2 class 1 nylon and elastic webbing strap
  • Color matched bracket, ITW Fastex buckle and Triglide
  • Milspec Components & Berry Compliant sewn, 100% Made in America
  • 1.9 oz overall weight
  • Leg Strap bracket cross-compatibility with other popular straps


(Modular Holster Adapter not included).


  • 5
    Greate item

    Posted by BlacksmithOR Mick on 7th Feb 2023


  • 3
    True north thigh strap

    Posted by Mike Geary on 12th Oct 2022

    The modular holster adapter is awesome. The leg strap needs a new design. The plastic connector feels cheap and like its going to break. The actual strap is OK its a little thin. I found a different option that looks way more comfortable from 9 toes called the vastus I plan on trying out. **but definitely get T/N modular holster adapter

  • 5
    True Norrh Holster Adapter

    Posted by John Doe on 27th Sep 2022

    Great fitment and really easy set up. The True North adapter also allows for an insane amount of configurations. It was a huge improvement over my safari land mid rise. Allows for a better range of motion too so it doesn't feel like something is strapped to your leg.

  • 5
    The leg strap showed up quickly

    Posted by Scott on 24th Jun 2022

    It works well.

  • 2
    It was a waste for me.

    Posted by TacticalSchmuck on 23rd Nov 2021

    I bought this with my MHA, but the strap sucks. There is almost no elasticity in it, and if I cinch it down to keep the holster in place, when I sit, it cuts off the circulation in my leg and rolls up like a cord. I just needed up running the T.Rex strap I already had between the QLS plate and the MHA, and used the rubber grommets from this to act as spacers.