SKD Armor 10 X 12 Carbine Plate (Multi-Hit), (Sold Individually)

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SKD Armor 10 X 12 Carbine Plate (Multi-Hit)


SKD Armor 10 X 12 Carbine Plate (Multi-Hit) Specification Sheet

The SKD Armor 10 x 12 Carbine Plate (Multi-Hit) is non-certified Stand Alone armor that is made exclusively for SKD Armor, LLC by Tencate Advanced Armor USA and has been tested to defeat the most common Carbine threats (5.56x45mm & 7.62x39mm) that are likely to be faced by professional operators.

Weighing only 4.2 lbs, and measuring a mere .55" thick, the SKD Armor 10 x 12 Carbine Plate (Multi-Hit) offers incredible value and threat protection in a ceramic package with minimal thickness and weight.

This plate defeats the following Carbine threats in Independent testing:

  • 3 Rounds / 5.56x45mm M193
  • 3 Rounds / 5.56x45mm M855
  • 3 Rounds / 7.62x39mm PS FMJ (Mild Steel)
  • 1 Round* / 7.62x39mm API-BZ (Armor Piercing Incendiary)

*Previous threat data on this round was based on internal manufacturer testing performed to NIJ testing protocol.

All SKD Armor plates are warrantied against manufacturer defects for 5 years from the date of issue.

The SKD Armor 10 x 12 Carbine Plate fits the following plate carriers:

  • PIG Plate Carrier
  • Ferro Concepts Slickster
  • Ferro Concepts Slickster.1
  • Mayflower APC, Small/Med
  • Marz PC, Med
  • Paraclete SOHPC, Small/Med
  • First Spear First On
  • First Spear STT
  • First Spear STT.1
  • First Spear The Slick, Med
  • Blue Force Gear Plate Minus, Small or Medium
  • Shellback Banshee
  • Most plate carriers designed for Med ESAPI or larger
  • Composition: Ceramic
  • Thinness: .55 inches
  • Size & Weight: 10" x 12", 4.2 lbs.


  • 5
    Great Plates

    Posted by Derrick on 12th Apr 2023

    Very comfortable plates. They are actually more comfortable to wear than my lighter, but thicker swimmer cut plates. Goes great with the STT 1.0 plate carrier. Great Service from SKD also. I am very pleased with this armor purchase.

  • 5
    So far so good

    Posted by Mike on 28th Sep 2022

    Light and well constructed. I was concerned about single curve but because they are so thin and light I find them perfectly comfortable after wearing all day—far better than heavier multi curve. Haven’t been shot yet so I can’t speak to advertised vs actual protection.

  • 5
    Buy it

    Posted by Marshall Bly on 18th Jan 2021

    Price shopping for plates is like searching for discount surgery.. Stop.

  • 4
    great plates but horrible website experience

    Posted by TNT on 21st Jul 2020

    These plates are amazing: thin, light, and fits perfectly in my Ferro concepts slickster (SKD version). They shaved 7 lbs off my previous AR500 steel plates and i can tell an immediate difference wearing it. I got these during an SKD sale and save many bills. Re the buying experience- horrible!! I had to log in 6+ times and there was such a website jam that was very frustrating. This has happened many times in the past whenever they have a sale. Bottom line- great plates, get them on sale, but be persistent online.

  • 5
    Single vs Multicurve

    Posted by Rhead on 16th Apr 2020

    Are these plates single curve or multicurve?

  • 3
    Expiration dates

    Posted by Zx6fatboy on 26th Nov 2019

    Just wondering if the company warranties the armor plates from date of manufacture or date of purchase, because the plates I received were manufactured in 2017... SKD Tactical Response: Armor warranty is 5 years after purchase date.